Sport Cyclists to be safer on the roads

Cyclists to be safer on the roads

With the start of the new year there are an increase of cyclists on the road. With competitions such as the Argus and the Cosmos Three-in-one there will be an increase of cyclists training for these events.
Cyclists are not always safe. Various factors play a role in the safety of cyclists. Two major factors are motorists and cyclists themselves.
Cyclists are sometimes oblivious to their surroundings and do not hear approaching vehicles. This can cause the cyclist to react when surprised by a vehicle close by.
Motorists are also to blame sometimes as motorists would drive too close to the cyclist or approach too fast.
The golden rule on the road is that both cyclists and motorists are allowed on the roads (except where specifically prohibited) and should treat each other with respect.
The National Traffic Act 93 of 1996 is clear about some rules regarding cyclists:

  1. Cyclists should always ride on the left side of the road and should not ride abreast; this is one in particular that causes problems.
  2. Motorists should take care when cyclists are observed and must stay clear of them, avoiding any sudden and unexpected moves that might occur.
  3. Cyclists in our area have always been keen and worthy ambassadors for Govan Mbeki Municipality and their respective clubs.
    Let us all, as motorists, ensure their safe passage as they prepare for the upcoming events.


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Cyclists to be safer on the roads

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