NewsPolitical landscape change in GMM

Political landscape change in GMM


The political landscape is set to change in GMM as final voting results are trickling in.

The preliminary results of the voting in Govan Mbeki Municipality are showing a changing playing field as voters voiced their anger at the previous political leadership.

According to the IEC website, the ANC is still leading the race with the DA second and the EFF in third.

Preliminary results on IEC website

The ANC lost three wards in Govan Mbeki so far. Ward 17 is now a DA ward with ward 20 taken by the Azanian Residents Party. The other big upset for the ANC is the loss of ward 28 back to the DA. This ward was taken by the ANC in a by-election During October 2019. The FF+ made a huge effort in trying to secure the ward, only to ultimately hand the wand to the ANC. Read the article in The Bulletin HERE. The people have spoken and want good governance. The final results are still outstanding

Surprisingly the EFF nearly took ward 10 from the ANC. The upsurge in EFF voters can only be seen as anger against the current ANC dominance and poor leadership. The EFF has been very active in rural areas with marches, protests and the occasional land invasions. They secured a lot of voters by promising land and jobs.


It would appear that the ANC will not achieve an outright majority in Govan Mbeki Municipality but the final results will confirm this.

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These promises most probably will not materialise, but their growth can be seen as a protest action against the ANC.

The final results have not been released yet but the Political Horizon are definitely not the same.


The ANC are mort probably the biggest loser in this election as their numbers have dwindled and some voters chose not to vote in protest to years of empty promises and maladministration.

The Bulletin will update residents as soon as the final results are known.


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Political landscape change in GMM

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