NewsDA concerned for residents, ANC vote against

DA concerned for residents, ANC vote against

DA is concerned about the dilapidation of Trichardt Electricity Infrastructure as well as the electricity situation affecting Bethal residents

The Govan Mbeki Municipal council convened on Thursday. The meeting was once again conducted on Virtual platforms.

During the meeting, two motions were submitted to the council but both were rejected by the ANC majority with the EFF abstaining.

DA cllrs Ciska Jordaan and James Masango submitted motions to council.

James submitted a motion asking that the newly appointed service provider in Bethal be held accountable.


“This is a sign that the ANC is not bothered by the suffering of the people of Bethal and Emzinoni due to electrical outages that is continuing for more than 2 decades,” said James, “the ANC is only obsessed in looting and not the residents.”

Democratic alliance dissolved concerned
DA Cllr James Masongo

The Bulletin also spoke to DA Councilor Ciska Jordaan about her concerns about the non-acceptance of these two motions. Trichardt is plagued with electricity problems.

Mediclinic Highveld also operates from Trichardt and the electricity problems may put patients at risk.

Ciska was very concerned about the state of service delivery and in particular, the electricity problems.

concerned municipalpublic invited to comment on annual statements mayor
Cllr Ciska Jordaan.

“The Democratic Alliance in Govan Mbeki is becoming increasingly concerned that for the last few months, Trichardt has been experiencing a number of electrical problems that have left residents and business owners in the town extremely worried for the future of the electrical infrastructure as well as the damage that it has caused and will cause to their assets and the potential negative impact that inconsistent electricity supply has on local businesses,” said Ciska.

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“Of course, one must also consider the impact that inconsistent electricity supply has on the local clinic, the dialysing centre, the Mediclinic Hospital and other medical establishments in the town while these establishments rely on the provision of electricity to save lives – more especially so during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Specifically, there have been occasions when several areas in Trichardt have been without electricity for extended periods of time during which 3 minisubs in different parts of the town had to be replaced,” said Ciska, “Since the replacement of these minisubs, residents have complained of fluctuating current and voltage which creates insecurity in the state of safety of the infrastructure as well as the financial cost to businesses and on municipal accounts.”


“The growing concern arises from the fact that Bethal, Emzinoni and Embalenhle towns in Govan Mbeki Municipality are currently experiencing load-shedding imposed by the municipality partially due to dilapidated infrastructure that is not attended to because of the financial incapability of the municipality. The municipality is not only owing ESKOM and Rand Water more than R2bn but also experienced 75% electricity loss during the month of August.”

“Residents in Trichardt are fearing that this town might be next in line to experience prolonged electricity outages such as the towns mentioned above. It is for this reason that the DA submitted a motion to the Govan Mbeki Council that was considered during the council meeting on the 26th August 2021,” she continued.

“The intention of the DA’s motion was to have an in-depth assessment done on the status of electrical infrastructure and safety with regard to electrical infrastructure in Trichardt and a master plan compiled that will specify the status and layout of electrical infrastructure including streetlamps. The motion sought to have a report with the above information made available at the next council meeting. It is unfortunate that the motion was opposed by the ANC and therefore was not accepted by the council.”

“During this meeting, the ANC has openly voted against service delivery. ANC councillors also voted against a DA motion that sought to receive progress updates on electricity distribution in Bethal. It is clear that the ANC does not care for the people of Trichardt or the people of Govan Mbeki.”


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Ciska concluded by saying: “The DA-led City of Cape Town is so advanced in electricity distribution that it is providing electricity from renewable sources to its residents. While the country experienced load shedding by ESKOM, the lights are shining in Cape Town. Trichardt and other towns in Govan Mbeki can also be governed with such distinction if its voters give the DA a chance on the 27 October Local Government Elections.”


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DA concerned for residents, ANC vote against

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