FeaturedVan Ellewee Attorneys. Vibrant, Young and Dynamic.

Van Ellewee Attorneys. Vibrant, Young and Dynamic.

The fresh new approach to practising law by Van Ellewee Attorneys will ensure that everyone has access to a lawyer. “Our unique approach to practice allows for a personal approach to your affairs."


Van Ellewee Attorneys is a young dynamic law firm that embraces all the challenges that face firms in the modern era.

In facing the digital age as well as the Covid Pandemic, Van Ellewee Attorneys made it their mission to make Van Ellewee Attorneys completely digital. Clients can get into contact with us at the click of a button, without ever meeting face to face. This enables us to still reach out, connect with and accommodate the needs of individuals.

It does not mean that clients, should the need arise, cannot meet in person. That is still available.

With more and more people working from home, law firms had to shift focus to reach people on their couches and at their home offices. Zoom and Microsoft Teams made video consultations possible throughout the whole of South Africa. Even Gauteng Courts stepped up and created an electronic case system called Caselines, which enables certain cases to be heard digitally.

Your personal preference for contacting Van Ellewee Attorneys will be followed.


Contact Van Ellewee Attorneys on the following:

Suné van Ellewee spoke to The Bulletin about her Law Firm

The fresh new approach to practising law by Van Ellewee Attorneys will ensure that everyone has access to a lawyer. “Our unique approach to practice allows for a personal approach to your affairs.”

Leading Attorney Suné van Ellewee may be young but is full of energy and knowledge. Not only did she finish with good marks but also passed her Bar Exams on her first attempt.

Sune van Ellewee
Suné van Ellewee, Founder and Director. As young and driven legal professionals, we will be happy to assist you with matters ranging from litigation to estate administration and notarial services.

Qualifying with both LLB and LLM (Masters) degrees made sure that she has the best and most up to date knowledge to serve her clients. She also attended Law school before finally becoming a lawyer.


Suné found a special liking to the Medical Law and Medical Negligence fields and completed her master’s degree in a branch of Medical Law.

Van Ellewee Attorneys are offering services in:

  • Divorce- and Family Law
  • Comprehensive estate and succession planning
  • Estate Planning & Drafting of Wills
  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Notary and legalisation services
  • Marital Contract Services and advice
  • Medical Law and Medical Negligence

Being a Notary

A Notary is held in high esteem and held to a higher standard of care than a “run-of-the-mill” attorney, for they have a higher standard of care placed upon them and must adhere to a higher ethical standard. A Notary is an admitted and practising attorney that has passed an additional practical examination in respect of the practice, functions and duties of a Notary.


A Notary usually witnesses signatures, draws and attests contracts and authenticates the validity of certain documents for instance a marital contract must be signed in the presence of a notary, whereto a notary will attest (sign) the contract along with the parties.

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Administering an Estate

With the passing of a deceased, his/her estate is given over to an executor to administer An executor must be mentioned in the will, or if there IS no Will, an executor will be allocated It is the responsibility of the executor to administer the estate of the deceased from start to finish, meaning that these duties are usually given to attorneys to complete


The attorney will act as an agent on behalf of the executor and will complete and compile all the required documents to report the estate to the relevant Master’s office the attorney will further inform each relevant institution of the passing of the deceased and round up all the assets and liabilities In the estate and draw up the relevant account to each and every rand

Estate Planning and Wills

It is important to have a will as it determines the distribution of your assets upon your passing. Having a will also makes the administration process easier.

Estate planning regards the drawing up of all your assets and liabilities in your current state to determine exactly how your estate will be administered and how the assets will be distributed amongst your beneficiaries his will also indicate your current tax liabilities and your policy distributions.



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Van Ellewee Attorneys. Vibrant, Young and Dynamic.

The fresh new approach to practising law by Van Ellewee Attorneys will ensure that everyone has access to a lawyer. “Our unique approach to practice allows for a personal approach to your affairs."

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