Community newsFF+ condemns the Mayor's devious actions

FF+ condemns the Mayor’s devious actions

Aranda Nel-Buidendag, FF+ Councillor, condemns the way that the Mayor mislead the Municipal Council

Secunda – 14 May 2021, a very interesting ruling was given in the High Court of Mpumalanga Division, Middelburg where the Judge Mr Brauckmann ruled in favour of Mr Filani Mndebele in the disciplinary case of GMM against the Municipal Manager. On May 16 a ruling was made by Judge Braukman to have Mr Filani Mndebele re-instated in his post.

GMM Municipal Manager Mayor condemns
Felani Mndebele, Municipal Manager of Govan Mbeki Municipality

“The problem lies in the fact that the appeal was already submitted on 29 March at the High Court in Middelburg and without the approval of the council meeting on 30 March 2021.” said FF+ Cllr Aranda Nel-Buidendag, “During the Council meeting of 30 March 2021, a decision was taken to appeal the court ruling which the municipal manager Mr Filani Mndebele was implicated of misconduct in the 106 forensic investigation report.”

The municipal manager Mr Filani Mndebele was suspended in the middle year of 2020 with full pay. The former CFO Mr BB Sithole was also implicated with misconduct in the 106 forensic investigation report. The municipality did the disciplinary proceedings and before Mr BB Sithole could be found guilty of misconduct, he resigned (with immediate effect). The Municipal Manager was forced to seek legal advice and assistance at the disciplinary proceedings.

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In December 2020, the High Court Judge ordered that the Municipal Manager should return back to his workplace and the ruling party majority was against it.

Cllr Aranda Nel-Buitendag of the FF Plus feels that the executive mayor Cllr. Nhlakanipho G Zuma misled the council on the 30 March 2021 because they cannot undo what they done on the 29 March2021. “The FF Plus and fellow opposition Party DA said that the MM must return back to work were the EFF sustained and kept quiet,” Aranda said, “the municipality is already in such a financial strain of outstanding debt of 2.7 Billion. The considering of the High Court action not included in the IDP budget for 2021/2022.”

Mayor's speech aimed at canvassing
FF+ Councillor Aranda Nel-Buidendag

The FF Plus said that the executive mayor’s big mistake was to appeal to the High Court on 29 March 2021 and not consider the council at all. Aranda Nel-Buitendag of the FF Plus said, “it is a bad thing for GMM to lose the court case and the community will bear the cost of the stupid decision and mistakes of the ruling party that will waste the very last sent of the municipality.”

Read more about the Freedom Front Plus HERE


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FF+ condemns the Mayor’s devious actions

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