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The Bulletin is going digital!


There is a difference between a newspaper and digital media.
Holding a newspaper between your fingers wakes up a sense of nostalgia. There is something very special about drinking your morning coffee whilst feeling the paper between your fingers, flipping the pages and when you are done, have a little ink on your fingers.
The process of a newspaper is not at all as easy as it seems or as flawless as we make it look. There are many puzzle pieces that have to be pieced together carefully in just the right way to ensure that you, our reader, have original news, first.
So, in order to appreciate the big news we are breaking in this article, you have to understand that this was not an easy decision (this process started at the beginning of 2019) and it took a lot of tears, meetings and debates to finally take a massive leap in the right direction.
Most people are not aware of the hard work and dedication that has been put into The Bulletin. We have grown into the biggest regional newspaper on social media in Mpumalanga! We work around the clock to ensure you are updated, put ourselves in dangerous situations and sometimes we even have a little fun on our videos to ensure that your bad day turns into a good one by laughing or watching a heart-warming video.
When someone informs us of an amazing tipoff, we cannot jump in headfirst (although we want to!). There are a few processes and procedures we have to follow. We have to ensure that the news is accurate and fact-checked, follow up on our sources and information through the correct channels and sometimes, more than most, step on a few toes. Once the story has been validated and the article written, we dissect it with a fine toothcomb. Some articles have been rewritten, in the middle of the night, on deadline Monday to ensure you have the best and most accurate story.
Over the past two and a half years it became clear to our readers that we mean business. We want to bring you news, not stories that are a week old or even more. News is news when it is fresh, relevant and factually correct.
Although that feeling of a newspaper between your fingers will never get old and will always bring back childhood memories of running out on a cold winter’s morning to fetch the newspaper, change is inevitable…
The Bulletin has proved that we are a force to be reckoned with! We have surpassed all expectations and faced our challenges by staring them straight in the eye and dealing with any situation as professionally and calmly as possible.
In the past few years, The Bulletin has always been at the forefront of breaking news.

That is why The Bulletin has decided to go DIGITAL!

Even though we will not be printing newspapers anymore, our promise to you shall stay: Original – Accurate – First! And this will all be at the tips of your fingers!
We are joining the ranks of other media houses such as Maroela Media and News24.
News should be available as it happens or as soon as possible. You, our reader, should only be treated to the best news, by the best newspaper in Mpumalanga.
No one thought when we started in September 2014 (and a lot of people have jumped ship since) that we would achieve the milestones that we have today. No one thought that our raw and honest reporting would impact the community as it is right now. Our style of reporting brought a new awareness to news in our area. Never before was real-time reporting followed so closely by so many in GMM.
Although a lot of hard work and dedication has been put into The Bulletin, we cannot have done it all without your support! We thank you for every bit of support!
So, join us in our journey of new beginnings because after all… Our journey is YOUR journey… Let’s all go DIGITAL! – Ané Prinsloo


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The Bulletin is going digital!

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