News Police are recruiting reservists

Police are recruiting reservists

Would you like to be a reservist? Now is your chance!
For a number of years, communities bear the brunt of the police policies for not recruiting reservists. Successful squads, such as our own famous bike squad were disbanded. Now, finally, the police have started with an active campaign to recruit volunteers or reservists.
A reservist performs voluntary duty in the South African Police Service without any expectation of receiving compensation for such duty. The South African Police Service invites members of the community that is energetic, intelligent, physically and mentally fit and that is dedicated with the desire to serving the country on a voluntary basis as Reservists, to assist the South African Police in the fight against crime.
Successful Reservists will perform general functional policing duties in sectors at station level. As such, they will be carrying out one or more of the following functions: * Prevent, combat and investigate crime, * Maintain public order, * Protect and secure the inhabitants of the Republic and their property, * Uphold and enforce the law
In terms of the Regulations of the South African Reserve Police Service you may be called up by the National Commissioner to perform duties in order to strengthen and support the Police in performing its constitutional mandate as set out in Section 205 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 and that you will not receive remuneration (unless so-called up).
Reservists will be expected to perform a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of voluntary duty per month.
Selected candidates will be invited to attend the Reservist Training Programme. The Reservist Training Programme will not be a once-off event and therefore successful candidates will have to avail themselves to attend the training sessions, after hours and on weekends due to your work commitments. The training will consist of Orientation, distance learning, contact sessions, formative and summative assessments. Interested candidates will have to avail themselves to attend certain Learning areas (Orientation to SAPS / Law / Community Service Centre / Crime Investigation / Crime Prevention / Street Survival). The appointment as Reservist will only be effected on successful completion of the prescribed training.
CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 2020-02-28 (applications received after this date, will be placed on a database, for consideration during the structured recruitment drive of the next financial year)
Visit: https://www.saps.gov.za/careers/downloads/advertisement_reservists_in_saps%202019_2020.pdf for more information.


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Police are recruiting reservists

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