NewsMisty Waters 2022 a festival of music

Misty Waters 2022 a festival of music


Misty Waters 2022 was held the past weekend at Lake Umuzi.

Time is perhaps the greatest mystery of all and is deeply wrapped up in our conscious experience of things. Why start this article with a thought on time? Because this past weekend again proved just how fragile and imperative our time on this planet is. Yet another Misty Waters Music Festival that took more than a year and a half to plan and organise has passed in a mere few days. Luckily, the conscious experience of this weekend will remain as a memory for all that attended it. And for those who were unable to attend Misty Waters or perhaps weren’t as conscious throughout it all, continue reading for a recap.

On Friday, April 29th, Misty Waters, now in its sixth year, started and festival attendees jumped on the blues train with the iconic duo MaxX & Love who kicked off the mystical weekend. These fellows sure know how to make the crowd feel Love’d, whilst putting on a perfectly in sync show. Next up was the Stupid on a Sunday band, Bad Peter and the Mystic Boer himself, Valiant Swart – the night was well on its way in becoming a Friday night to write home to.

With treffers like Sonvanger and Liefde in die Suburbs, Valiant was sure to raise the nostalgic levels at Misty Waters to an all-time high. As the mist slowly started rolling over Lake Umuzi, the fresh aromas from the food stalls started to emerge and festival goers quickly lined their stomachs with delicious Panini’s from the Panini Bistro and pizza’s from local favourite Eish restaurant before the headlining acts commenced.

Jako Meyer, lead singer from Moses Metro Man, made sure the Sasol towers trembled as he belted some of their classics, and back for some more nostalgia was 90’s rock band, Taxi Violence, returning to the Misty Waters stage for their second time. The evening ended with alternative, rock band Lost//Youth and a whole psychedelic, post punk blues experience by Double Sun.

Moses Metro Man rocking out during their show. Photo by: Jacques Schutte

On Saturday morning, day two of Misty Waters Music Festival, the air was filled with some regret from the previous night’s decisions, yet optimism, as festies started getting psyched for the shows of the day to start. The first band to perform was Kirkland, followed by a unique set from Court Gibson. Court incorporates the native Australian instrument, the didgeridoo, into her set along with a drum kit. As she plays all of the instruments by herself, as well as being the only vocals of the band, it truly creates for a bizarrely, interesting show.

After Court’s show, the Afrikaans rock group called Poeselig performed, and before you colour yourself offended, Poeselig is an existing Afrikaans word to describe someone chubby. Following the ironically, not-so-chubby Poeselig was the Bloemfontein band Painted Flowers and after them Lourens VD Berg.

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As the day of talent ensued and the temperatures started to drop, the famous mist of Misty Waters started creeping in over the lake and instead of whiskey on the rocks, everyone opted for some Old Brown Sherry to keep them warm. Luckily not a lot was needed as Misty Waters’ veteran band, Wolfgang Marrow, graced the stage and knew exactly how to get the crowd jumping and jiving. With classics like Shamed, Extreme Sports and Lord Black Lungs, they once again proved why they keep returning to the Misty Waters stage – the organisers and crowd simply can’t get enough!


Another fan favourite and Misty Waters returning band, Tidal Waves, made a wave on the second day with their show, and the easy and relaxing atmosphere they bring to the stage couldn’t have come at a better time for what was to follow. A big crowd attractor was the melodic rock band from Cape Town, aKING, and during their final song, Catch Alight, the renowned Misty Waters sign lighting occurred. The timing couldn’t have been better!

The Misty Waters sign on fire! Photo by: Jacques Schutte

While the crowd watched the last of the ashes from the once gleaming Misty Waters sign dissipate into the lake, the next band started to perform and like that everyone was in front of the stage once more to witness some true musical talent.  Defy Theory, Ruff Majik, and Joy Club Cassidy Cassidy ended the second day of Misty Waters in a harmonious cacophony – each bringing something rare to the stage.

On Sunday, May 1st, the last day of Misty Waters 2022, the absolute exhaustion could be felt and actually seen around the festival grounds. This is after two nights of pure rock and roll, late nights and early mornings. However, this state of inertia from the general camping festival attendees were certainly not reciprocated by the attendees who camped at Kamp Oase. The Kamp Oase campers looked fresh and ready to tackle day three head on. This is probably what you get for paying a little extra and camping in luxury at a festival

Kamp Oase campers enjoying themselves before the next show starts.

As the morning progressed it was now time for the bittereinder’s to wake up, shape up and rally for the final time. Naturally, a quick wake-and-bake session at vendors Eco Coffee and Tight Buds assisted with that. And just like that Kabaal Klankbaan launched everyone into a less sluggish state and another day of South African musical talent had begun. Following Kabaal Klankbaan was the stunning Aya Nixon, who lifted the crowd with a few head banging covers and angelic Afrikaans originals. The lively Apollo Motel with their folky sounds were up next, followed by The Fake Leather Blues Band and rock and blues band Southern Gypsey Queen.  


The crowd was fortunate enough to be able to witness another Misty Waters veteran band, The Black Cat Bones, considering it was a touch and go situation for a moment with front man, Kobus de Kock, breaking three ribs in the week of Misty Waters. But as always they demonstrated what real rock and roll is about and decided to simply strap him up tightly and give us the greatest show on earth.

The Black Cat Bones performing (Misty Waters 2021). Photo by: Jacques Schutte

Prowling around the stage like true predators were returning band Hellcats and first time Misty Waters’ performers, Shadowclub. As always the two man band, Hellcats, proved you really actually don’t need more than that when your two members each have the talent of 50 rock gods in one finger. And Shadowclub transported the crowd into empyrean with front man Jacques Moolman’s other-worldly stage presence.

The last headlining act for the evening was Bittereinder, who gooi’d (as band member Peach van Pletzen would proudly say as part of his Mengels) most of their classics like Hartseer Gangster, Die dinkdansmasjien, and Hoogste Bome. And history was made on stage with Bittereinder as the head organiser of Misty Waters, Dian Rosslee, joined the band for Slechte Mense, to be the only South African to rap the Tim Beumers’ entire Dutch verse – on beat. Well done, Dian!

This was a tough act to follow, but psychedelic cowpunk band, We Kill Cowboys didn’t let that scare them. They held nothing back on stage with their anti-establishment attitude and style, and guaranteed the crowd knew who were they were. Early Monday morning was greeted by the two spunky ladies of #SOZLOL – the only girls that knows how to keep the party going into the wee hours of the morning. Festival attendees were dancing the morning away on golden oldies like Dancing Queen and U Can’t Touch This. Rumour has it you can still see some festies dancing to this day…

#SOZLOL at Misty Waters 2021. Photo by Jacques Schutte

This article is already long enough, it’s actually surprising you made it this far. I’ll wrap it up by saying that Misty Waters 2022 really stood out as one of the best Misty Waters so far, and this is only a testament of what is to come. Each year this festival improves and brings something new to the table. It’s clear as day that the organisers put a lot of sweat, blood and some Dutch rap verses into it to ensure not only attendees, but musicians, vendors, and staff receive the most magical experience of their lives.

If you were not fortunate enough to attend this year’s Misty Waters Music Festival, be sure to clear your schedule for April 28 – May 1, 2023. You now know about this festival a year in advance.

Visit Misty Waters Music Festival on social media to find any updates about next year and to see the coolest moments captured by the videographers and photographers from this year’s Misty Waters.


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Misty Waters 2022 a festival of music

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