NewsIntroduction to the “new” wave of South African metal

Introduction to the “new” wave of South African metal


Part 1
Nu-metal, a subgenre of alternative metal with elements from heavy metal, thrash metal, grunge and industrial metal as well as hip-hop.
Characterised by its fast, repetitive guitar riffs that will melt your face off, along with a certain type of aesthetic, almost “sloppy” drums, overlaid by screams, growls, psychotic-sounding clean vocals, whispers and of course clean singing. Despite its similarities to thrash metal and heavy metal, within the genre guitar solos are very seldom, for its more focused on the riffs and vocals. DJ’s were also featured in some of the bands, introducing a fresh new sound, that included catchy hip hop lines and turntable scratching with heavy metal, something truly unique. 
My term of “New wave of South African metal” is derived from the movement between 1990’s stretching across the mid 2000’s. Some bands started as early as late 80’s and is still categorised within the movement called “New wave of American heavy metal” (or NWOAHM) and the term itself is borrowed from a movement in 1979 called “new wave of British heavy metal.”

“Although the term is used by the media with increasing frequency, the definition has not been finished completely. This is due in part to the growing addition of bands that assimilate to common styles in NWOAHM (as defined above), yet have not differentiated greatly enough as to garner a new genre moniker. One description by long time metal author Garry Sharpe-Young helps classify the NWOAHM as a “marriage of European-style riffing and throaty vocals.”
Several of the bands within the NWOAHM are credited with bringing heavy metal back into the mainstream.”
Two bands that really stood out and made an impact in the South African metal community within the time frame mentioned above was RhutZ and Boargazm, brilliant musicians and brilliant people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the past.
Rhutz formed a unity of musical genius which they used to write and play the best in their creative and physical capabilities.
In the mid to late 2000’s, RhütZ had made a bold statement in the underground SA music scene, in my personal opinion they are still a massive influence to musicians everywhere. They released two albums but has been quite dormant for the last couple of years. 
Rhutz, please make a come-back. Your music is incredible and I hope there will be more of your glory in the future.
Boargazm, the intergalactic space pigs. The most amazing and in-your-face band to ravage your earholes to date!
Do you like brutal chaotic madness, pig squeals and crushing guitar riffs but also smashing hard rock solos? Then I definitely urge you to go check them out! They have 3 albums and a tribute album to date. Recently the members have scattered, will we ever witness the overtaking of the space pigs once more? Or has the band forever seized? – Henco


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Introduction to the “new” wave of South African metal

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