NewsDA demands speaker must go

DA demands speaker must go


DA demands Govan Mbeki Speaker must step down after successful MONC

The DA demands that Cllr Fikile Magagamela must step down as Speaker of Govan Mbeki Local Municipality as we no longer regard her as Speaker.

Embattled Speaker Cllr Fikile Magagamela

This comes after the DA voted for a Motion of No Confidence (MONC) against Magagamela served by the ATM in a council meeting accordingly and within the rules of the council.

The motion was passed with 33 votes against 26 votes of the ANC. With a clear win to remove Magagamela, the ANC bullies turned Council into a circus just to protect her from being removed.

Opposition parties requested her to recuse herself as she cannot preside over a Motion of No Confidence against her. However, she allowed herself to be embroiled in a conflict of interest.


Supported by the Mayor, Nhlakanipho Zuma, Magagamela refused and continued presiding allowing the vote to be taken.

MMC Thandiwe Ngxonono taunts the EFF as oposition parties leave council

“Even though the vote was clearly ousting the Speaker, she still refused to relinquish her seat. We cannot sit and allow this municipality to be controlled by bullies,” said Democratic Alliance Councillor James Masango.

“The ANC has shown us timelessly that they are less concerned about the people, but are only concerned with filling their pockets,” said James, “Their action at this council meeting shows how ANC Councillors are obsessed with just earning salaries and looting the coffers of the municipality.”

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Moreover, while the ANC plays intimidation games, residents continue to experience poor service delivery:

• Water cuts and electricity blackouts daily,
• rubbish is piling up in and outside the residents’ premises and the streets,
• Sewer spillages on the streets because of pump stations that are dysfunctional,
• and roads are full of potholes.

There is no single opposition party including smaller parties prepared to work in a coalition with the ANC because of their bad record of poor service delivery.

After a delay of four hours in the meeting dealing with one item and not moving forward, the opposition parties decided to leave the meeting as it was not productive anymore.


The DA already regards Magagamela as the former speaker now, she must accept her fate and leave office. The majority has spoken.


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DA demands speaker must go

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