Fashion Fashion Friday and those cool summer nights

Fashion Friday and those cool summer nights

Deciding what to wear on those cool summer nights can be a frustrating experience especially in the Highveld. And that’s why we are talking about cool winter fashion in the summer in this week’s Fashion Friday.

Lize and I recently experienced that feeling of frustration of what to wear.

Because we are all so used to living through four seasons a day in the Highveld, we always either have an extra jersey or jacket in our cars or on our person.

There are easy ways to mitigate this problem and that is why we decided to write this article.

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Light stockings with shorts

Light stockings with a pair of shorts can be one of the easiest and fashionable ways to keep warm during the cool nights.

The fun part about a pair of stockings is that they come in different colours, with shapes, fun designs and go with anything if styled right.

Don’t be scared to pair them with some Vellies (like I did), sneakers or high heels as long as you are comfortable, that is all that matters.

Fashion Friday and those cool Summer nights


Vests are fun and easy to pair with anything.

A nice thermal vest can be pulled off as a normal jersey or you can through a T-Shirt or button-down over your vest to create a fun and funky look.

Vests are comfy and they keep you warm, whereas a jersey or a jacket might be just too hot.

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Light skirts

Light skirts are fun to wear.

Pairing a light skirt with a chunky sweater and some boots gives you that edge.

And as the rule goes: If you show cleavage show less leg and vice versa.

Chunky sweaters

A lot of chunky sweaters aren’t always excruciatingly warm and uncomfortable.

For those cool summer nights these can be perfect to pair with a light skirt or shorts.

Some of the chunky sweaters you find are nice and breathable that will ensure that you do not freeze to death but also not overheat.

Fashion Friday and those cool Summer nights


If you are not a fan of high heels there are many more options you can choose from in your cupboard.

From a short boot to Vellies to sneakers, your options are limitless.

Fashion Friday and those cool Summer nights

You might ask if you must go buy some of these items and the answer is no!

Take some time to go through your cupboard and you’ll find some hidden gems that you might have forgotten about.

You can even check your mum’s closet or organise a day with your friends and swap out some clothes! That way you all save money and maybe you can get your hands on that one item that you’ve eyed for a while…


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Fashion Friday and those cool summer nights

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