FashionThreading? It’s no massive threat!

Threading? It’s no massive threat!


In this month’s lucky packet surprise video Ané and I tried threading, both for the first time, to experience this not-so-foreign-anymore beauty regimen.

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that originated in Iran, India, China and Central Asia.

It involves a professional using a thin cotton or polyester thread, which is doubled up and then twisted, to remove unwanted hair. The thread is rolled over areas with unwanted hair to pluck it out at the follicle level (Goodman, 2019).

Threading allows for a much more defined and natural look since it’s so targeted.

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When it comes down to it, however, the way you decide to sculpt your brows is really about personal preference.

Neither of us had ever had threading done and this passing Saturday the opportunity arose to have our eyebrows threaded.

We’re here to bust those myths and corroborate the truths about threading.

The one thing everyone is most worried about; Does it hurt?


Honestly, it depends on who you ask. Some people have told me in the past that threading hurts A LOT! Whilst others maintain that it’s definitely less painful than waxing. Discomfort from waxing is usually due to the tugging and pulling of the skin.

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Threading on the other hand just tugs out the hair and doesn’t touch the skin.

As you can see in the video of both Ané and I being threaded, it’s actually quite painless.


WATCH HERE: Threading saam L & A

Naturally, there’s the odd hair that resists the thread, but it’s not any worse than plucking or waxing.

Along with the threading both of us had our eyebrows and eyelashes tinted.

Being dark haired, my tinting was much less visible afterwards than Ané’s.

Threading? It’s no threat!
Being dark haired, my tinting was much less visible afterwards than Ané’s.

Ané is rather fair and blonde, but with the correct colour applied, she looked beautiful and natural afterwards. Due to her having blue eyes, the girl performing the tint decided on a blue black for Ané’s eyelashes and it made her blue eyes pop even more!

Threading? It’s no threat!
One can clearly see the difference in Ané’s before and after shots.

By choosing the correct colour of tint for your shade, even people with fair, blonde hair and features can give tint a try!

Francesca Coetzer, or as her friends call her Franky, is an accredited permanent make-up artist who is busy obtaining diploma’s in threading, tinting, waxing and anything else that you can think of that removes hair from your body. She was in Secunda on Saturday to test her skills on some willing volunteers.

Threading? It’s no massive threat!

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