CityPressPwC Kosmos 3in1 a Huge Success

PwC Kosmos 3in1 a Huge Success


Saturday morning (7 March 2020) started with a chill in the air. Typical for the PwC Kosmos 3in1. The area around the Makoro at Lake Umuzi was abuzz with activity. When the final countdown started it became clear that this race has become one of the most popular races in Mpumalanga.

This popular race runs through the streets of Secunda and this was the 28th time that it was run. Runners from all over the country swarmed the Lake Umuzi area in March every year to run the race. Over 9000 entries were received for the day’s races. The 42km had 3075 entries the 21 km race had 3045 and the 10 km race received 3365 entries. It is a gruelling race with a full marathon being run in the morning (06H00), a half marathon at noon (13H00) and finally a 10km race at 17H00.

Every year Mediclinic Highveld erects a huge tent to help runners with cramps and other muscle problems. This also proves very popular.

Start of the first race of the day

The day heated up and so did the competition. The runners braced the heat of the midday race and continued with relatively fast times. The last race was run in slightly cooler conditions.


The runners praised the organisation of the PwC Kosmos 3in1 for organising such an event. Even when the Friday night entries swelled to near uncontrollable numbers, the organisers stayed calm and just continued to work through the numbers.

Koketjo Gumbo was the winner of the men’s race with a time of 04:33:28 and Dineo Manamelo (women’s race) with a time of 05:51:12

Winner of the first race of the day

What is remarkable is that in the top three of the men’s race the second-place winner, Clement Modisha was 38 and the third-place winner, Kori Seshoene is 39 and a few days away from his 40th birthday.

The women’s race winner, Dinea is 34 years old and the second-place winner, Anja Heenop is 27 years old with third place winner Bheku Sithole only 30 years old.


The waterpoints bring huge excitement every year when they compete for the coveted winners’ position. Waterpoints are usually a bus of activity with music blaring and excited supporters enticing runners to take water from them. The winner for the day was AES Seals. Congratulations on winning. The success of the PwC Kosmos 3in1 also stems from the contribution that the waterpoint has made.

The PwC Kosmos 3in1 was a clear success for all and everyone is looking forward to next year’s races with some of the accommodation already booked for next year. The accommodation at Umuzi Lodge and The Merchant hotel are already fully booked while Inn Green has only 8 rooms left.


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PwC Kosmos 3in1 a Huge Success

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