BusinessMen’s Conference Against Women and Children Abuse

Men’s Conference Against Women and Children Abuse

On Friday, 14 February, a men’s conference against women and children abuse took place at Dros, Secunda. The men’s conference started with a march from the Sasol CBD to Lake Umuzi Waterfront.
The theme was: Finding a solution and bringing morals to men. The march was led by the Traffic Department to ensure the safety of the march and its participants. The Secunda SAPS also assisted in the March.
Upon arrival at Lake Umuzi, Clement Manfouo said: “We are trying to raise awareness about human rights amongst our youth and amongst our men to address the issue of women and children abuse. We need to sit down as men and discuss the issues that are destroying our society.”
On the panel leading the conference were strong men who are all leaders in the community: Captain Gerhard Elmes, Chaplain Arnold Kester, Clement Manfouo and the host, Samu Pacho.
Once the conference was opened and all protocol was observed the men started discussing issues in society that can be fixed by working together. Chaplain Arnold Kester spoke about his own loss. He said that he had lost his own daughter when she was killed by her husband who was a police officer.
He also spoke about his sister that committed suicide and explained that it is because people do not open up about their feelings. He added that when a woman or girl is wearing a short skirt that something happened to her that she wants to dress like that. He also said that men should protect the women and children around them as it could be their sister, wife or daughter next.
Captain Gerhard Elmes spoke to the crowd and explained it from a police officer’s point of view: “What about the police officer that is also affected by social crime? These gentlemen sitting in front me could be police officers but if they are not emotionally equipped, they are going to suffer and then the community will suffer.” He continued: “Movements like this, must try work together with higher authorities so that we can take in people who are already emotionally healed because domestic violence happens in every house if the father and the mother are not emotionally healed.”
The host, Samu Pacho directed a question to the representative of Lifeline: “Are there any programmes that Lifeline can partner with the police, maybe in training them in how to deal with emotional issues so that they can be more equipped to help society?”
The answer was answered confidently: “We have an office in Nelspruit but in Johannesburg we have men’s forums where we deal with everything holistically. Most of the time men do not share. Hurt people hurt others.” He continued: “With the men’s forums we sit down and talk. We talk about simple things like testing your blood pressure and sugar levels.
People laugh about it but it is serious. From now on whatever you do, empower yourself. If you walk down the street and young boys are fighting, instead of intervening, you are walking past and continuing a cycle. Stop the fight, talk to them and ask them why they are fighting. Let’s heal the hurt people.”
The day was a huge success and the young men learned a lot from the experienced panel. – Ané Prinsloo

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Men’s Conference Against Women and Children Abuse

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