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8 Perfect Beach Proposal Ideas

It’s almost December, and with South Africa’s summer holidays that means most people are heading to the beach! Whether that’s Cape Town, Umhlanga, or Mozambique. So have you been spending the last few months wondering how you’re going to pop the question and hit your lovers feet from under them?

Are you in need of some tips for proposing on the beach? There are a lot of ways to propose on the beach! We have put together a list of some of the most romantic ideas for a beach proposal.

1. Write it in the sand or with shells

This is extremely corny and so overdone. However, as simple as it is, it’s so timeless! Simply compose a proposal message in the sand. Bonus points if you draw a huge heart around your proposal or decorate it will flowers and shells.

Source: www.howheasked.com

2. Beach Picnic

Plan a beach day with your love, but tell him/her to leave the details up to you. Pack a romantic picnic lunch with all of their favourite snacks and hit the beach.

Source: www.howheasked.com

3. Sand Sculpture

If you are talented with sand castles or sculptures, steal away while she is otherwise busy and construct a sand sculpture with your intent carved out. Or you could always pay an artist to build it for you. Then go for a spontaneous walk on the beach and innocently stumble upon the sculpture!

Source: www.howheasked.com

4. Get all your friends on-board

If you’re planning a holiday trip with some of your friends ask them to get on board with the whole proposal. Given: you have to consider if your partner will enjoy having everyone there for your special moment or not. Write “Will You Marry Me?” out on surf boards and then ask her to take a stroll with you on the beach – just the two of you. Then as you go down on one knee all the friends come walking onto the beach with the question written on the surf boards.

Source: www.hotelcoraldigha.com

5. Romantic Sunset Dinner

You can either choose to organise this one by yourself or consider that a lot of resorts or restaurants offer dinner packages on the beach, complete with candles and even music! Book a sunset dinner and when the mood is right, pop the question!

Source: www.evoke.ie

6. Underwater Proposal

Under the sea, under the sea! This one is for all the crazy kids out there! If you and your partner are scuba divers or share a fond memory whilst diving, this one’s for you! Schedule a dive and have the instructor bring along a sign that says “Will You Marry Me” down in the diving site. We don’t recommend bring the ring along on this one, however!

Source: www.youtube.com

7. Beach Photoshoot Set-Up

Set up a beach photoshoot, in which you will ask your lover to marry them. You can tell them you won a free photoshoot. It’s quite simple, because it’s basically just a photoshoot, but you arrange with the photographer beforehand the right time to pop the question in between the shoot. Your partner is sure to be surprised – and even happier that you’ve captured your intimate moment.

Source: www.paparazzi-proposals.com

8. Beach Helicopter Proposal

If you want to go ALL OUT for your partner, you should pick this over-the-top proposal. If you’re anywhere ocean-side, there’s sure to be some sort of tourist helicopter attraction. Set up a slot and surprise your partner with a scenic helicopter ride. Plan ahead of time with the pilot as to where they fly over, etc. Tell them your plan and write your message in the sand, big enough so that you’ll be able to see it from the helicopter ride.

Source: www.walesonline.co.uk
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8 Perfect Beach Proposal Ideas

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