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Death threats for Sniper employees


Loyal and believing in their leader, that is the impression that was made when visiting some of the workers at Sniper. These three ladies are closely connected with Sniper and Walter Stander.
Tales of lies and death threats surfaced as the tension is growing between Sniper Security Services and their accusers.
The Bulletin received frantic calls on Sunday asking not to disclose the ladies’ identities. All three claimed to have received death threats and threats of rape if they continue to support Walter Stander from Sniper Security Services.
Martie* said that she would be eternally grateful to Walter and his wife. Walter started a rehab centre when they first arrived in Bethal and Martie’s* son was admitted to the centre. “My son was a drug addict,” said Martie. “He turned his life around while he was in the hands of Walter and his wife.” She continued to say that he is a loving boy now. Johannie accused another security firm of being behind the whole attack on Walter and Sniper Security Services. “I was called late on Saturday night and threatened to be raped and murdered,” said Johannie. “They knew too much about me and said that I had to watch where I walk. Life is short.” Johannie then stated: “He said that he worked for another company that he mentioned by name.”
The Bulletin is familiar with the phone number of the person who allegedly threatened Johannie. He refused to identify himself and cut the call short when we phoned him. It is also alleged that there is now a group that swears and shoots obscenities at the ladies. Walter told The Bulletin that people are shouting insults at him and curses him wherever he goes. Walter obtained injunctions against some individuals, but the details were not given to The Bulletin at the time of going to press. People are hellbent on seeing the end of Walter and his company. They started WhatsApp groups to discuss plans and strategies. Johannie told to The Bulletin that she was offered R3000 to lay a charge of rape against Walter.
The initial group was allegedly offered R700 to turn against their former employer.
It is now also alleged that some of them didn’t receive the R700.
Some of Walter’s initial accusers have begged for his forgiveness.
“One of the first to turn against me was Kobus,” Walter said. “I met him and his wife in a squatter’s camp and gave him a job. I even paid for their accommodation.”
The Bulletin also learned that the EFF has now joined in the fight against Sniper Security Services, threatening the Sniper guards.
It would also appear that a new company was formed and is now guarding the sites that Sniper lost. The Bulletin learned that it is allegedly a company called Rumble Security. Facebook searches show that Rumble Security is at least 12 months old. However, a search at PSIRA did not return any results for Rumble Security. The Facebook search also turned up empty-handed regarding registration details.
The Bulletin is in possession of unverified copies of a contract between Rumble Security (employer) and an employee (identity hidden).
The saga is not over yet.
It would appear as if the fight will only intensify. Keep reading The Bulletin as we dig for the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  • Names changed to protect their identities.


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Death threats for Sniper employees

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