Schools SportMarietjie van Niekerk onderwysers presteer!

Marietjie van Niekerk onderwysers presteer!


2 van Laerskool Marietjie van Niekerk se onderwysers blink uit in hulle verskeie sport soorte

Marili Jansen van Rensburg en Jean Vos is twee jong onderwysers van Laerskool Marietjie van Niekerk wat hulle sport uitleef.

Marili gaan na Camp Discovery om deel te neem aan die University Sports South Africa (USSA) se netbal toernooi. Sy gaan egter nie speel nie maar gaan as skeidsregter.

Marili Jansen van Rensburg en Jean Vos het met die Bulletin gesêls

Tydens die toernooi gaan sy gegradeer word om nationale spanne te kan beheer. Sy sal tydens die wedstryde beoordeel word en dan aan die einde ‘n gradeering toegeken word.

Lees hier onder meer oor USSA


Jean Vos het in Augustus aan die SA Blackball Federation se Nationale kompetisie deelgeneem. Hy het deel van die Mpumalanga O/23 span deel geneem. Hy het as Span Kaptein asook Span Bestuurder diens gedoen.

Jean is al deel van die Mpumalanga O/23 span vandat hy 16 jaar oud is.

Die kompetisie het in Rivonia plaasgevind.

Jean het self baie goed gedoen in die kompetisie en die Mpumalanga O/23 span het in die finaal teen Gauteng vasgeval. Hulle het ‘n silver medalje verower. Dit was die eerste keer dat die O/23 span in ‘n finaal gespeel het.


Volg die South African Blackball Federation se Facebook HIER

Die volgende is direk van die USSA weblad af getrek en kan ook dan by https://www.ussa.org.za/1overview.php  besigtig word:


  • The Ministry of Sport & Recreation South Africa (SRSA) and the South African Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) agreed that, due to the unique nature of student sport universally, University Sport South Africa (USSA) should be administered independently.
  • Constituted on 16 April 1994, USSA is considered the official unified national umbrella sports structure for the regulation, organization and coordination of student sports activities at regional, provincial and national levels in the tertiary education sector of South Africa.
  • USSA was founded within the tertiary education sector in order to represent and protect the sporting interests of all students at member institutions based on the principles of unity, accountability, non-racialism, non-sexism and democracy.
  • USSA’s core business is to maximize student participation and encourage sporting practice in harmony with and complementary to the academic character and values of tertiary education institutions.
  • USSA’s programmes are structured in such a way to facilitate and improve opportunities for all students to acquire the necessary sporting skills to compete at all levels.
  • USSA’s membership is open to all SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) accredited institutions of higher education (universities and colleges).

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  • USSA’s vision is to provide opportunities for excellence in student sport in order to participate and/or compete at all levels.
  • USSA’s mission is to create an environment which will encourage student sports persons to strive for excellence on an academic and sports level, while giving participants the opportunity to interact socially and competitively.
  • USSA’s fundamental goal is the development and promotion of sport at all tertiary education institutions in South Africa.
  • USSA shall within the framework of its Constitution and Regulations, attend to the development of tertiary sport at all levels, seek closer contact between students of all institutions and promote sporting opportunities for the benefit of all.


The powers of USSA are constrained by the following aims and objectives reflected in Article 3 of the USSA Constitution:

  • to uphold and promote its founding principles through organisational structures as may evolve through the continuing interaction of its members;
  • to facilitate and co-ordinate the development of sport, physical recreational activities and sports competition amongst its members at all levels;
  • to implement government policy on sport and recreation at tertiary education level;
  • to make representations to the macro sports bodies and relevant government departments, with respect to sport at tertiary education institutions and structures;
  • to liaise with national and provincial federations with respect to sport at tertiary education institutions and structures;
  • to affiliate to the appropriate international, continental and national sports structures, and to participate in international and continental sports events, endorsed by the above-mentioned structures;
  • to cooperate with the International University Sports Federation (FISU) in the fulfillment of their objectives and accept to respect the statutes and regulations of FISU;
  • to consolidate all student sport associations under one student sport organisation;
  • to facilitate the formation of sport associations where these do not exist;
  • to raise and administer funds of USSA in such a manner as USSA may deem advisable and, in particular, by means of subscription, donations and sponsorships;
  • to in association with SASCOC and national federations, regulate, facilitate and co-ordinate tours, events and matches of all high performance student teams to and from South Africa;
  • to share its specialised resources (both human and infra-structural) with the community, maximise participation and co-ordinate intra- and inter-institutional competitions;
  • to establish rules and regulations to ensure that all members abide by the Constitution of USSA.



USSA is a respected client and/or member of the following structures:

  • South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC);
  • Africa Zone VI Confederation of University and College Sports Associations (CUCSA);
  • Africa University Sports Federation (FASU);
  • International University Sports Federation (FISU).


Participation in sport and other recreational activities are considered important facets in the unity and holistic education process of students. To promote sporting values, means encouraging friendship, fair-play and co-operation among students who will one day occupy responsible key positions in education, politics, industry, economy and culture. It also means giving a new dimension to the student spirit of study and research in that individuals are given the opportunity to develop not just intellectually, but also morally and physically.

University Sport activities provides the opportunity for youth leaders of the future to meet and to foster lasting friendships which contributes to the development of a unified nation. Sport is considered an ideal vehicle for promoting mutual understanding amongst people with different cultures and histories. Students learn to respect each other through the common international language of sport.


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Marietjie van Niekerk onderwysers presteer!

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