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Winter Inspired Engagement Rings


Engagement Rings inspired by this winter season.

The month of May is finally here, and with it comes a lovely cold breeze of winter in all of its wallowing pride. This is not considered the most romantic season for all, but it could certainly be extremely romantic for the perfect couple. If you have the ideal proposal in mind and the ring to match, why not pop the question in the middle of winter with a winter inspired engagement ring? This blog will give you many winter inspired engagement ring ideas.

Winter is usually associated with colder colours, such as blues and greys, however, if you prefer to go the warmer route that is also encouraged. Warm reds and oranges gives the illusion of heat during the cold. Because of this we are going to look at the different coloured stones, best suited for a winter inspired engagement ring, as well as which metals work best with winter.

Rubies & Rose Gold

According to Gia, “Ruby is the most valuable variety of the corundum mineral species, which also includes sapphire.” A ruby with his beautiful moody red colour is ideal for a winter proposal. We are a few months early with regards to birthstones, as the ruby is July’s birthstone. However, if you are considering a winter proposal, hold on to that ruby red engagement ring for another two months and pop the question during her birth month with her winter inspired birth stone engagement ring.

The alternative to ruby, which might be slightly expensive, is a red moissanite from Evermore Moissanite – The Moissanite has a brilliant shimmer to it and will resemble a red ruby to perfection.


The ravenous red ruby gemstone actually works well with any metal band, however to stay in tune with the winter inspiration a warm rose gold band works splendidly with the red ruby. Keep scrolling down to see some winter inspired engagement ring examples.

Sapphires and White Gold

For the lady who prefers the gloomy mood and enjoys the colder winter days, the blue sapphire along with a white gold band is the ideal combination for her winter inspired engagement ring. Noticed how we said blue sapphire, yes, that’s because you do get other coloured sapphires, such as pink. However, if you are loving the winter inspired engagement ring look, the blue is definitely the option to choose. Sapphires, along with rubies, are leaning towards the more expensive side of gemstones. Even if you simply choose a blue coloured gemstone for your special person’s winter inspired engagement ring it will make her day.

The alternative blue gemstone is the amethyst. It does appear more purplish, but it will still make for a perfect winter inspired engagement ring. The amethyst, also known as the Katela, as wonderful healing properties. And according to many sources, this stone can assist in overcoming addiction.

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Winter Inspired Engagement Rings

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