Fashion White (Gold) Christmas: White Gold Engagement Rings

White (Gold) Christmas: White Gold Engagement Rings

Explore the season of joy this Christmas with Ralph Jacobs

Cameron White Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring by Ralph Jacobs

Most of us living in South Africa won’t be experiencing a white Christmas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the beauty that is a white…gold engagement ring. This blog is going to focus on the beauty and richness that is white gold jewellery and how it’s overlooked these days. Everyone is obsessing over rose gold engagement rings, but whatever happened to a classic white gold band? Continue reading to find out what exactly white gold is made of, which skin tone works best with white gold jewellery, and to see some of the most gorgeous white gold engagement rings.

Whether you choose a stunning Moissanite or a sparkling Diamond, you will not go wrong with White Gold.

Can you believe that white gold is one of the most picked types of jewellery for engagement rings? White gold is a pocket-friendly alternative to platinum jewellery. It is made from an alloy of pure gold and other metals that have a silvery-white hue, such as palladium or silver. White gold is generally more durable than silver and less expensive than platinum. One thing to keep in mind is that wedding jewelry is seldom made from pure gold (24 karat gold) since pure gold is too soft to hold up well to everyday wear and tear.

One consideration when choosing your preferred wedding jewelry is skin tone. The experts at Ralph Jacobs suggest that individuals with cooler skin tones look best in white gold and silver, whereas those with warmer skin tones may prefer yellow or rose gold.

Keep scrolling for some gorgeous white gold engagement rings by Ralph Jacobs. These beauties are sure to make you swoon and reconsider that rose gold engagement ring.

Chanel White Gold Princess Cut Moissanite Ring
Ellie White Gold Oval Cut Moissanite Ring
Victoria White Gold Emerald Moissanite Ring
Selene White Christmas
Selene White Gold
Adeline White Gold Cushion Cut Moissanite Ring

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White (Gold) Christmas: White Gold Engagement Rings

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