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The Best Type of Engagement Ring for Your Hand Shape and Size

If you didn’t know it before, you do now: engagement rings are NOT one size fits all. It is quite possible that you have actually experienced this personally when you’ve tried on a friend or family member’s pear-shaped engagement ring, only to realize it doesn’t look quite right on you for some reason.  

It is because of this that you should be aware of what type, shape, and size ring will look best on your hands. If you’re curious about what might be the most flattering on your unique ring finger, you can follow our guide below, where we discuss different finger and hand shapes and sizes.

1. Long and lean fingers

The wonderful news for all you long and lean fingered human beings is that you can rock basically any shaped rock on your fingers. However, if you really want to hammer down on that perfect engagement ring shape we would suggest oval or round. Moissanite or Diamond will do the perfect job here.

2. Short fingers

hand shape
Marquise shaped engagement ring by Ralph Jacobs

All you beautiful short-fingered ladies, all we can say is LENGTH! Get yourself any shaped ring with an elongated length that could assist in elaborating the length of your fingers.

3. Wide fingers

Emerald cut moissanite engagement ring by Ralph Jacobs

If you have wider fingers, you need to start convincing your partner that bigger is better! You will need a cluster setting and a larger band to take up more space on your hand, and something elongated such as an emerald cut to create length. A petite setting and thin band will make your fingers appear wider, and could appear smaller on your finger. There is many ways one can use your hand shape to your advantage.

4. Small hands

Petite and dainty engagement ring by Ralph Jacobs

If you have small hands, your ring options are the opposite of someone with wider fingers. On the contrary huge diamonds can look a little overbearing on small hands. You can go for a smaller diamond to strike the right balance, or opt for a gorgeous, diamond-encrusted ring with no center stone at all like the Ralph Jacobs band above.

5. Large hands

Halo styled engagement ring by Ralph Jacobs

If you have large hands, think big and bold. Halo styles or detailed bands will play best to your proportions.

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The Best Type of Engagement Ring for Your Hand Shape and Size

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