Fashion Super 2020 Ring Trends - Your ultimate guide

Super 2020 Ring Trends – Your ultimate guide

Your favorite ring trends for summer 2020.

Let’s be honest, this hasn’t been the best year so far – amidst the confusion and chaos of Covid-19. However, this year can be handled with hope and grace if chosen to celebrate the unbroken bond of life with your partner. Marriage still remains the most popular choice to find and hold onto someone special. And when it comes to marriage, everything starts with the crucial engagement ring.

Summer is a season for sun, surf, and outdoor fun. The warmer weather and perfect-photo-moment sunsets create the ideal atmosphere for romance, making summertime the perfect time to pop the question. If you’ve been planning to pop the question any time soon, summer is the perfect time, here are some summer engagement rings that will absolutely ‘wow’ your partner. 

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Ring by Ralph Jacobs

This style is perfect if you would like to wear a ring that makes the center stone look bigger. Halo ring settings have grown in popularity, especially over the last five years. This is an excellent choice for a summertime engagement ceremony. Add your favorite Moissanite or Diamond shape to the center, and you are set to enjoy this silly season even more.

Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage Style Engagement Ring by Ralph Jacobs

Vintage rings can have a ton of filigree, gold or silver wiring formed into delicate tracery, or even a hint of art deco. There are so many various styles to choose from and whichever the style, vintage rings are highly sought after because of their originality. You can feel good about showing off your ring knowing it is highly unlikely that you’ll find someone else wearing the same one. 

Three-stone Engagement Ring

Three-stone Engagement Ring by Ralph Jacobs

This versatile engagement ring can be customized to suit a wide range of diamond shapes and cuts including, emerald, cushion, oval, heart, and pear shapes, amongst others. Three-stone engagement rings feature diamonds on either side of the larger stone to accentuate the size and grandeur of the main diamond. 

Colourful-Engagement Ring

Colourful Moissanite Engagement Ring by Ralph Jacobs

The colourful engagement ring trend is growing larger by the second and is going to be everywhere in the year 2021. If you love being part of the popular crowd, this is the route for you. For the longest time the focus and desire was on white or colourless diamonds, however, previous gemstones have always been appreciated and glorified for their sensational appearance, depth and colour. Think of all the stunning emeralds, rubies, sapphires in the world….wow! Emerald is electrifying and signifies serenity, ruby symbolizes passion, and hope is breathtakingly represented by sapphire. If you are looking for an other-worldly, unique ring style, then there is no competition and you have to fall for a gorgeous gemstone that will bring out the loveliness of your complexion.

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Super 2020 Ring Trends – Your ultimate guide

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