FashionRing Trends: 8 End of Year Engagement Ring Trends

Ring Trends: 8 End of Year Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring Trends

This was a catastrophe of a year for most people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t end it on a happy note! We present to you a countdown of 10, 9, 8…of the most lavish, popular engagement ring trends to choose from for the end of 2020. Continue reading for eight of the biggest sought after engagement ring trends in 2020.

1. Black Diamonds

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Seriously popular, a chic black diamond set in yellow gold is a stunning design and with an Art Deco style is popular with engagement ring trends, you would have an engagement ring that would be the talk of the town.

2. Pink Moissanites & Rose Gold

engagement ring trends
Ralph Jacobs

This engagement ring trend is a truly unique combination and one that not many other ladies will have on their finger. Many of the best jewellery designers now use computer software to create 3D replicas of the piece before any work commences, allowing the client to study every aspect.

3. Fancy Cuts

Ralph Jacobs Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

You can expect to see Asscher and Marquise cuts and larger stones are the order of the day, possibly due to the value they hold in this uncertain time of COVID-19, and the Emerald cut is perfect for the Art Deco look. If you’re truly about showing off and making your stone visible to all to see, you must opt for a fancy cut engagement ring.

4. Classic Styles

Ralph Jacobs Bezel Setting Moissanite Engagement Ring

Some of the most classic and minimalistic rings have become increasingly popular because of their clean lines and versatile style. They’re a perfect match for anyone seeking a timeless piece that they’ll never get tired of wearing.

5. The Center Stone Showcase

Ralph Jacobs Halo Engagement Ring

It’s crucial to put all emphasis on that stunner of a sparkling center stone, which is why halo designs are perfect this year to showcase that center stone.

6. Mixed Metals Mania

Ralph Jacobs Mixed Metals Combination Wedding Bands

For a customized look that is easy to pull off, think about stacking multiple bands of different metal color, stone shape and design. Once you decide on the engagement ring and wedding band, you can stack additional bands for special occasions.

7. Coloured Moissanite Engagement Ring

Ralph Jacobs Vintage Moissanite Engagement Ring

This is a trend that has been growing more popular throughout the year. Probably because everyone felt so dull and emotional this year, to bring a little colour into their lives they’ve opted for colour gemstones and moissanites more.

8. Dimensional Contours

Ralph Jacobs

Fluid, floating, dimensional contours can both showcase the metals while also drawing attention to the center of the diamond.

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Ring Trends: 8 End of Year Engagement Ring Trends

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