FashionL & A’s 1st Fashion Friday!

L & A’s 1st Fashion Friday!

It’s L & A’s 1st Fashion Friday article, bringing you the best ways to style your basic t-shirts. Every Friday you can expect an article about anything and everything fashion!

Did you know fashion does not only include clothing and shoes? Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice. This can be anything from clothing, shoes, hairstyles, car interior, furniture, body piercing, make-up and the list goes on!

It’s casual Friday, so let’s talk tees!

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T-shirts are just the best, it’s a staple item everybody should have in their wardrobe. And the best thing about t-shirts are how versatile they really are – one wouldn’t think that looking at a basic tee.

They come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours. From an over-sized melange to a cropped black and a distressed white to an olive t-shirt dress, these items are sent from fashion heaven.

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Now that we have convinced you to go buy a basic t-shirt or to rummage through the desolate areas of your closet for the long-abandoned tee, it’s time to look at the different ways this t-shirt can be worn.

  • With Distressed Jeans

This is a very comfortable way to wear your basic t-shirt. Pairing your tee with a distressed jean is perfect for a Saturday flea market shopping spree or Sunday brunch. 

L & A’s 1st Fashion Friday!
  • With Striped-Pattern Pants

Adding some flair to your basic tee. It is easy to dress a t-shirt up by wearing it with eccentric pieces, such as patterned bottoms. 

L & A’s 1st Fashion Friday!
  • Blazer & Suit Pants

Wear your basic t-shirt more fashionable by adding it to a blazer and suit ensemble. A t-shirt doesn’t have to be worn only with comfortable, relaxing outfits. It can definitely be dressed up with the right pieces. Wear your basic t-shirt to your next business meeting with a blazer and suit pants! 

L & A’s 1st Fashion Friday!
  • Floral Skirt

An easy way to add some feminine flair to your basic tee is by wearing it with a floral skirt. Not only will the skirt feminise your tee, but will add a splash of colour to it. This is the perfect outfit to wear to a music festival.

L & A’s 1st Fashion Friday!
  • Khaki Shorts

You can never go wrong with pairing your basic tee with khaki shorts. Not only are khaki shorts extremely comfortable, but it pushes the boundaries and adds a touch of style to a basic t-shirt. Try this outfit at the next spring picnic.

L & A’s 1st Fashion Friday!


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L & A’s 1st Fashion Friday!

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