Fashion It is Fashion Friday with L&A again!

It is Fashion Friday with L&A again!

For this week’s Fashion Friday with L & A, we look into the future to predict what the year of 2021 will hold.

Fashion forecasting is an extremely overlooked aspect in the fashion industry. Meaning, a lot goes into fashion prediction, but nobody ever thinks about what goes into predicting the upcoming fashion trends.

We looked at the past and tried to see what next year could hold.

From sequence to puffy sleeves, there is a lot about to change in your wardrobe in the year 2021.

Here is a roundup of the five fashion trends that dominated the 2020 runways. 

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Edgy Suits

Do not think boardroom or meeting suits.

The year of 2021 will see suits having a risqué spin to them – sheer fabrics, lace and underwear is a must.

It is Fashion Friday with L&A again!
Happy girl on steps rocking her edgy suit
Source: freepik.com

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves bring flare to simplistic outfits.

Stella McCartney & Alexander McQueen had a lot of puffed sleeves during their spring 2020 shows and this might and will transition into 2021 as a must have in your wardrobe.  

It is Fashion Friday with L&A again!
Puffy sleeves with flower embroidery are the way to go in the year 2021
Source: Freepik.com

Changed-Up White Shirt

Who does not love a basic white tee? Well, take that tee and reinvent it for next year, because it is a MUST!

The white tee has always been a wardrobe staple, but it is time to change it up and take a risk with it.

It is Fashion Friday with L&A again!
Change your basic white shirt with interesting layers
Source: Freepik.com

Time to Shine

On this year’s Spring/Summer runway, designers paired sequence, glitter and even metallics with simple silhouettes.


For a more realistic take on high shine, add a pop of shine to your wardrobe with a jacket, pair of shoes, or top. 

It is Fashion Friday with L&A again!
Edgy, shiny leather jacket adds flair to your outfit
Source: Freepik.com

Bold Floral

Bold florals on top of bold florals?

Yes! It is a thing and the designers are loving it!

This trend was seen on Marc Jacobs’ runway, paired with metallic and floral ruffles. 

It is Fashion Friday with L&A again!
Floral on floral is the way to go in 2021
Source: Freepik.com


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It is Fashion Friday with L&A again!

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