FashionFashion Friday - 1st Spooky Halloween special!

Fashion Friday – 1st Spooky Halloween special!

Happy Friday all and happy one day before Halloween! L & A has something special planned for this Fashion Friday article.

We are not going to discuss straight-forward fashion today, rather Halloween costume fashion – yes, that is a thing!

It is Halloween tomorrow, so how could we not look at some classic, funky Halloween dress-up outfits?

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Below we look at a few conservative costumes, last minute costumes and kooky, yet easy to pull off movie-related costumes.

The idea is to move away from the stereotypical and bring a different aspect to Halloween costumes.

Conservative Costumes

Conservative Onesie Costume

Fashion Friday - Halloween edition!
Source: www.bustle.com / https://www.bustle.com/articles/116617-15-2015-modest-halloween-costumes-for-those-who-feel-more-comfy-when-covered-photos

If you aren’t comfortable showing too much skin, but don’t know what to wear for a Halloween costume, throw on a onesie and you’re good to go!

Onesies, of all shapes and sizes, have started to become more popular as Halloween outfits because you get them in all types of animals or characters and they’re perfect for a quick, conservative Halloween costume.

Pair your onesie with sneakers or even heels and you have a spectacular, yet simple Halloween costume!

Conservative Airhostess Costume

Fashion Friday - Halloween edition!
Source: www.pinterest.com

This costume, consisting of a long pencil skirt and button-down shirt, is a well-rounded conservative Halloween costume.

There’s not too much showing, yet you can still feel sexy as an “air hostess.”

Pair your pencil skirt and blouse with a small scarf and a rolling bag and you’re all set for your next flight!

And if you’re not sure, you can always ask Ané… She used to be an airhostess!

Last Minute Costumes

Last Minute Witch Costume

Fashion Friday - Halloween edition!
Source: www.beyondwordsforlife.com / https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images

This is a very easy last-minute costume, seeing as all you really need to get is a witch’s pointy hat.

Most Halloween shops or dress up shops have some sort of pointy black hat.

Pair your black hat with all black clothing and it is as simple as that.

Pair any of your black dresses or clothing with a pointy black hat for a quick witch’s costume.

Last Minute Cat Costume

Fashion Friday - Halloween edition!
Source: www.pinterest.com

This has got to be the easiest, DIY, last-minute Halloween costume.

We all own a headband (Alice band) and have some cardboard paper in the house. You can easily cut out cat ears and stick it to the headband.

Paint your face like a cat’s and wear some black clothing.


Easy movie-related Halloween costumes

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

Fashion Friday - Halloween edition!
Source: www.maskerix.com / https://www.maskerix.com/diy-corpse-bride-emily-halloween-costume/

If you love Halloween, you love Tim Burton. The two are synonymous with each other.

It only makes sense to include one of Tim Burton’s most classic move characters.

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The corpse bride is not only an easy costume to pull off, but everyone will immediately know who you are dressed as.

You simply wear any white dress, either paint or make-up your upper body to appear blue and throw on a blue wig (or use temporary hair colour or blue hairspray).

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Fashion Friday - Halloween edition!
Source: www.tipjunkie.com / https://tipjunkie.com/modest-costumes-for-women/

This costume only requires a trench coat or any light brown coat, paired with a tiara.

This is the perfect easy-to-pull-off staple costume for Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Inspector Gadget or even Singing in the Rain.

Send us your Halloween outfits for a chance to be featured in our blog!

Have a spooky Halloween all!


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Fashion Friday – 1st Spooky Halloween special!

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