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Care for your Engagement Ring this summer – 5 Tips

Care, care…and more care…

Our South African summer holiday is fast-approaching and we know what that means – lazy days lounging next and in the swimming pool or galivanting on the beach and in the ocean. All of this can be damaging to your engagement ring, even worse is taking your engagement ring on and off the whole time. It is because of this that we’re going to give you five ways to care for your engagement, and ensure the ring stays safe and shiny during the next couple of weeks of sun and surf fun!

1. Consider going without it

This seems harsh and like no way of caring for your engagement ring, however, engagement ring or not, no jewellery works well on the beach. You can care for it better when its safe and sound at home. Chips and scratches are more likely to happen if you wear your ring to the beach or in the water. You’re better off leaving it at home (in a safe place of course) and wearing a rubber ring instead. It can get discolored in the water, you can chip it, or worse leave it behind.

2. Keep it in satin boxes

If you decide that your stunning, shiner of an engagement ring is too good not to bring with on holiday, you have to ensure it is placed safely in a satin box or safe box when travelling. Don’t put your engagement ring among hard objects and avoid knocking it against any hard or flat surface. Diamonds and Moissanite rings also need special care, and a satin box is the perfect solution to keep your valuables safe.

Satin jewellery boxes are perfect for your jewellery

3. Summer visit to your jeweller

This is the perfect time for a quick visit to your jeweller, in which they can assess your engagement ring for you. Your local jeweller can identify if the prongs are tight enough. An allover check-up and maintenance of your diamond jewellery is essential.

4. Jewellery free summer projects

We know it’s the end of the year and that means crunch-time on all those projects you didn’t get to during the year! However, please take caution to keep your precious engagement ring away from any harsh chemicals! Whether it is a washing detergent, bleach, or as innocent looking as a perfume or an anti-aging serum. All of these will be equally dangerous to the gemstone, as they all contain chemicals.

5. Clean it or get it cleaned!

Summertime is the perfect time to get your ring cleaned! You can do some regular at home cleaning with a toothbrush during the next three months. Be gentle and use a mixture of hot water and gin to make it shine again. The best course of action would be to take your stunning shiny engagement ring to your jeweler and have it steamed cleaned at the end of summer.

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Care for your Engagement Ring this summer – 5 Tips

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