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6 Tips to the perfect proposal


Your epic guide to the perfect proposal


Once you get engaged and until you are married get ready for many “How did you ask?” And as superficial as it sounds, how you get engaged matter. When thinking about how to propose to your partner, the most important thing to consider is whether he or she would like it. If you don’t think they’d dig a fancy dinner or flash mob proposal, here are six creative ways to pop the question. 

1. Create a Scavengerhunt

If you have a fun-loving, kooky partner this could totally make their day! Scavenger hunts are a creative way to propose because you can customize them based on where you are, what your girlfriend or boyfriend likes, and how much time you can devote to planning.

You could pick a few significant locations, get some friends and family involved, and write down the clues. You should be waiting to propose at the final location. 

Whether you decide to go with Moissanites or Diamonds, a well-planned Treasure hunt is always a great idea.

Create magic with a custom treasure hunt.

2. Film a Proposal Video

Some people propose by creating a short film that highlights significant moments in their relationship, as well as giving your lover a preview of what’s to come. You can film yourself talking about how you envision your future life together and what your goals are. At the end of the video you can romantically place the words “Will you marry me?” and wait for their reaction.

3. Make a Board Game

This falls in the same proposal genre of the scavenger hunt, because this requires your partner to get active and participate. It’s not too difficult to create your own trivia board game. Simply make handwritten cards, co-opt dice or timers from old board games, and include typed instructions for an authentic game experience. You and your partner can take turns selecting cards, asking each other questions about your relationship and discussing your goals for the future. When your significant other draws the final card, it should read: “Will you marry me?”

4. The Fun Box

If you and your partner have a fun, out-there relationship this is the proposal for you! Get a big. big box and play jumping Jack. Cut the bottom out of a very large box then wrap it. Take it to her place of work and ask one of her colleague’s to go get her telling her that there is a large parcel for her. Meanwhile you climb in from the bottom and when she unwraps it jump out with the ring in hand and ask her to make an honest man of you.

5. Message in a Bottle

If you live close to the ocean or a large body of water, write a note in which you ask your partner to marry you and place the note in the bottle. Take her/him to the beach and once they’re not looking pick the bottle up from the beach and ask them to open it to see what it says. Go down on your knee and see their reaction once they look up.

Source: www.express.co.uk

6. The Windscreen Proposal

This one is extremely easy and simple. During the winter when it’s cold and cars’ windscreens ice up, go out before he/she leaves for work or school and scrape “Will you marry me?” in the ice of her windscreen.

7. Oyster at a Restaurant

If your partner loves shell food this proposal is for you! Get some oysters from the store and treat your lover with homemade oysters in bed and pop the ring inside one of them.

Source: www.etsy.com
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6 Tips to the perfect proposal

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