Fashion4 Reasons We Love Oval Shaped Engagement Rings

4 Reasons We Love Oval Shaped Engagement Rings

Engagement rings set with Oval Shaped center stones
Engagement rings
Source : Ralph Jacobs https://ralphjacobs.co.za/moissanite/shop-all/

The oval shaped engagement ring is a symbol of a forever promise. This unique and classy ring celebrates the creative mind and kindred-spirit. The other beautiful symbolism behind the oval ring is that this shape represents the promise of a happy family and many children.

Source : Ralph Jacobs https://ralphjacobs.co.za/moissanite/shop-all/

The oval shape diamond is not quite a simple circle and it steers clear of the harsh-lines an emerald or other squared-shaped stone encompasses. The oval stands as a sign of uniqueness and a zest for life. The word oval comes from the Latin words ov or ovum, meaning egg. This shape represents rebirth, fertility and even immortality. Which is why this engagement ring promises a life filled with laughter and happy children. An oval engagement ring is a beautiful way to begin a new life together.

Whether you set the center stone with a Diamond or a Moissanite, the end results are always stunning.

1. Timeless Classic

The oval engagement ring is the perfect choice for the bride that’s intrigued by something that’s a little different than the norm, yet remains classic. The oval engagement ring is very popular amongst celebrities these days. Many celebrities such as Blake Lively, Haily Bieber and Julienne Hough have said the big YES to an oval shaped engagement ring.

2. Illusion of Long Appearance

This is perhaps the biggest advantages of an oval shaped engagement ring. The shape itself with its length gives an appearance of longer, more slender fingers to the wearer.

Source : Ralph Jacobs https://ralphjacobs.co.za/moissanite/shop-all/

3. Appears Large

On top of the illusion of longer, slender fingers, another benefit to this stone shape is that it tends to look larger than say a round, in the same carat weight. The reason behind this is because ovals often have greater surface areas than round diamonds of the same weight.  

4. Amazing Shine

The oval shape is a brilliant cut, which means they have amazing shine and do not cost more than rounds diamonds and moissanites when all other factors are the same.

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4 Reasons We Love Oval Shaped Engagement Rings

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