Fashion 4 Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Styles

4 Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Styles

Cushion cut engagement rings are constantly ranked as one of the absolute most popular shape engagement rings and remain a classic cut.

The cushion-cut dates back to the early 19th century when it was coveted for its distinctive soft shape and brilliant facets. A highly sought after cut and a highly revered style in the 19th century. This antique style cut has a classic, romantic appeal, and is also known as “pillow-cut” diamonds.

A little fun fact about this interesting cut engagement ring is that it was referred to as the “mine cut,” before it became known as the cushion cut. The mine cut was named after the Brazilian diamond mines, which became known as the “old mines” after diamonds were discovered in South Africa, as well.

A cushion cut diamond or moissanite is square-shaped but features rounded corners to give it a softer look. This is a great choice for women who prefer their gemstones and moissanites in more rectangular shapes. This shape allows for a brilliant sparkle, the large facets, which in laymen terms are the flat surfaces on the diamond reflect light, making cushion cut proposal rings absolutely glitter in the sunlight.

If your perfect lady is somewhat of a dark horse and loves to stand out from the crowd the cushion cut is the right choice for her. The cushion cut is a special shape and won’t be seen on just any hand. This unusual cut will help your future bride’s ring stand out from the pack.

Below is Ralph Jacobs’ four different cushion cut settings that is readily available for you to purchase and start adoring!

1. Solitaire – Cushion Cut

Chanel Ellie Ralph Jacobs
Yellow Gold Chanel Engagement Ring from Ralph Jacobs
Cushion cut Moissanite Ring
Rose Gold Ellie Engagement Ring from Ralph Jacobs

2. Three-Stone – Cushion Cut

White Gold Carrie Engagement Ring from Ralph Jacobs
Yellow Gold Brooklyn Engagement Ring from Ralph Jacobs

3. Halo – Cushion Cut

Rose Gold Mia Engagement Ring from Ralph Jacobs
Rose Gold Adeline Engagement Ring from Ralph Jacobs

4. Vintage – Cushion Cut

White Gold Sophia Engagement Ring from Ralph Jacobs
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4 Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Styles

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