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The Myths and the legends of the metal community, history of the metal genre in South Africa, Part 3

It’s the early 1990’s and there’s something different in the air, a band formed in Johannesburg by the name of Agro.
True heavy metal, folk metal, melodic death metal, they did it all thrown into a multi-instrumental blender. The most interesting music in the metal genre of South Africa, if you’ve never heard of them, I strongly urge you to go check them out!
Sammy from Sacrifist (mentioned in Part 2) was asked the million-rand question: who exactly started it all?
Sammy answered and elaborated: “One of the first bands we’d ever drive hours to go and see was Agro. If you’re looking for who started it all, I’m sure they’re pretty close to that.”
In the early 90’s this non-stereotypical metal band was shaking the heads of South Africans everywhere, making a new kind of ruckus, they added new life to the genre combined with aggression and melody as well as constant entertainment in a scene saturated by Florida-style death metal clones. Through the years a lot of musical and line-up changes occurred, they had overcome a lot of hurdles and challenges revealing itself, forcing them to evolve and fight past it.
Agro makes use of a more traditional heavy metal sound, by use of violin and harmonic keyboards, carried by blasting drums and twin-guitar attack, resulting in melodic power! Thrash metal with aggressive, yet audible vocals, adding depth and personality.
They shot through the hearts of the crowd in true heavy metal spirit with a line of live shows that offered audiences a profound, professional musicianship combined with a hedonistic, larger than life, tongue-in-cheek attitude, fuelled by beer and a true rock ‘n roll spirit.
These skilled musicians have played alongside some of the world’s best rock and metal acts locally and abroad: Blind Guardian, Nocturnal Rites, Deity’s Muse, Ensiferum, Fokofpolisiekar and becoming the archetype. “Showing that they have the ability to enthral not only metal enthusiasts but they also have gained fans from across all musical tastes.”
One for all and all for one! – Henco


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The Myths and the legends of the metal community, history of the metal genre in South Africa, Part 3

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