CrimeRapist handed heavy sentence on 3 charges

Rapist handed heavy sentence on 3 charges


Convicted rapist Walter Jan Mathebula (25-year-old) was handed heavy sentences on Tuesday in Secunda regional court

Walter Jan Mathebula (25-year-old) was found guilty in the Secunda regional court on Tuesday 2 November 2021 on charges of rape and attempted rape.

In August 2017 the accused, convicted rapist Walter Jan Mathebula, entered the room where the victim was sleeping in a family members room while Walter was sleeping in the dining room. Walter is also a cousin of the victim.

During the night (Friday night) the victim heard someone fiddling with her blankets. She turned around only to find her uncle climbing into bed next to her. Before she could speak, he closed her mouth with one hand while using his other hand to fondle her private parts.

He asked her if she was enjoying it, too which she replied that he was hurting her. Walter continued to pull down her pyjama shorts and panty. He then moved on top of her and forced her to spread her legs. He continued to close her mouth with one hand while trying to have sex with her. When she told him again that he was hurting her he pushed her away so that she fell against the wall. Walter then went back to the dining room where he was sleeping before.


In September 2017 on a Saturday night, the victim was alone and watching TV when her uncle, Walter Jan Mathebula, arrived at the house inquiring about the whereabouts of her grandmother. He calls her aunt.

When she told him that her grandmother went to the Pastors house, he picked her up from where she was watching TV and took her to a bedroom. He bodily threw her on the bed and as she tried to get up, he pulled her leg. He pulled down her panty and lifted her dress. He undressed quickly and forced himself on top of her, raping her. She cried and told him to stop and that he was hurting her, but he continued. Once he was done, he dressed and left the house.

On Thursday, November 2nd, the victim went to Walter Jan Mathebula’s home to look for his mother. He told her that his mother was not at home and when she tried to leave Walter pulled her back and took her to a small bedroom where he continued to kiss her and touch her inappropriately. He once again forced himself on top of her and tried to have sexual intercourse with her. She told him that she is having her monthly period whereupon he reprimanded her, asking why she did not tell him earlier? She asked him why should she have told him? He continued kissing her, but she managed to push him away and ran back home.

The victim’s mother noticed a bruise on her neck. When she asked about it the victim said that it was a bug bite as she was afraid to tell her mother the truth.


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The victim’s mother learned of the truth on Saturday, November 25th, when her daughter told her that on the day before (Friday, November 24) Walter had called her but she refused to respond fearing what he might do to her. She took another street to her destination.

When her mother asked what did Walter do to her she finally broke the silence and told her mother everything.

Walter Jan Mathebula was sentenced as follow:


Count: 01 Rape 15 years direct imprisonment

Count: 02 Rape 15 years direct imprisonment

Count: 03 Attempted Rape 06 years direct imprisonment

Sgt Palesa Monagane FCS Unit

It took hard investigative work from Investigating Officer PP Monagane from the Secunda FCS unit to build a solid case against Walter Jan Mathebula.


Find your local Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit HERE


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Rapist handed heavy sentence on 3 charges

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