Coronavirus NewsHeartwarming donations by Trichardt community makes a difference

Heartwarming donations by Trichardt community makes a difference

Over 1200 food parcels were prepared by the Trichardt Zakaat and Welfare Fund for distribution.


Hunger has no colour! Communities from all over Govan Mbeki Municipality have been feeling the brunt of the COVID-19 lockdown. With no prospects of any income, large communities have been suffering to make ends meet and to put food on the table and are sometimes dependant on donations.

People of the Holfontein Community queuing for their parcels

The Trichardt Zakaat and Welfare Fund saw the need and decided to help. Only about 25 families from Trichardt contribute to this fund. 

The working committee met and identified communities as well as individual families that needed help with food. One such community is the community known as the Holfontein community. The committee visited the area and identified the households that were in need. They handed them a voucher that was to be redeemed for food when the food parcels arrived.

The Trichardt Zakaat and Welfare Fund met with other role players in Trichardt and a plan of action was devised for the distribution of food to the Holfontein community.

Over 1200 food parcels were prepared by the fund for distribution. 

On Thursday 23 April, the area at the soccer grounds next to Holfontein community was prepared and barrier tape indicated the route to take to receive parcels. It was all very well organised. The trucks arrived and were neatly positioned. Smaller delivery vehicles were also present filled with bread. 


A number of security companies were on hand under the watchful eye of Trichardt SAPS to ensure that there was no rushing, stampeding and looting. Fortunately, no incidents were recorded during the whole day. 

The Department of Health also cordoned off an area where screening took place. After some initial teething problems, the process started to gain momentum. 

Families collected food from the trucks and proceeded through the screening process. The vulnerable were targeted for screening and several medical practitioners were on hand under the leadership of Sister Mercy Masilela.

Over 720 parcels and about 1400 loaves of bread were handed out at Holfontein. 

The Trichardt Zakaat and Welfare Fund restocked their vehicles and proceeded to other nearby communities. They ended by distributing to residents within Trichardt and Secunda as well. 


The Trichardt Zakaat and Welfare Fund would like to thank the following people for their contributions to making this distribution a success:

  1. They would like to express their thanks to God for giving them the ability and means to make a difference in other people’s lives.
  2. Thank you to all the donors for their heartwarming contributions and donations.
  3. Thank you to all those that assisted on the day and in the preparations.
  4. Trichardt SAPS
  5. Security companies that assisted namely Stratcon, Roman and SSS
  6. Isibonelo Mine Security
  7. The Department of Health.
  8. Ward Councillor Ciska Jordaan

Councillor Jordaan sent the following message to The Bulletin:

As the ward councillor of Ward 25, I am extremely grateful for the selfless contributions that have been made by several organisations towards those in the community that are severely impacted by COVID-19 and the measures that have been put in place to spread the curb of the virus.

The Trichardt Zakaat and Welfare fund, the Muslim community, the Trichardt CPF, Anglo, members of the Zello group, Simunye HBC, Trichardt SAPS and the Health Department have all contributed in their own way such as by donating a considerable amount of food and soap, screening residents and keeping us safe. It is an immense honour for me to serve a community that has such a deep sense of neighbourly love and selfless giving. Their actions indeed prove once again that as South Africans we are stronger together. This togetherness reinforces the beauty behind the meaning of Freedom Day that we’ve just celebrated. 

View of the food distribution

I’d like to wish the Muslim community a Ramadan Mubarak and admire tremendously the care they have shown for the community. Lastly, I encourage communities to continue to do their part in curbing the spread of Corona Virus by adhering to the lockdown regulations, washing their hands often and exercising social distancing.

The Bulletin would also like to express their gratitude to all those that are making a difference in others lives during this time. There is so much need in our area. Those that can make a difference can contact The Bulletin at encee@thebulletin.co.za or 0825547589 and we will gladly guide you to the organisation of your choice. Donations are also welcome


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Heartwarming donations by Trichardt community makes a difference

Over 1200 food parcels were prepared by the Trichardt Zakaat and Welfare Fund for distribution.

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