CityPress Mayor Thandi Nxgonono resigns

Mayor Thandi Nxgonono resigns

The Bulletin has just received word that the Mayor of Govan Mbeki Municipality, Cllr Thandi Nxgonono has resigned.

Mayor Thandi Nxgonono resigns
Thandi Ngxonono

A special council meeting has been convened for tomorrow, Wednesday, 28 October, at the Lilian Ngoyi Centre.

As previously reported, Nxgonono took special leave after the release of the Section 106 report last week.

Nxgonono was implicated in the report with a few of her fellow councillors.

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The MEC for COGTA (Mpumalanga) was clear in his instructions when he delivered the report that disciplinary action should be taken against Nxgonono and several other councillors.

The previous MMC, Ethel Nkosi and the Current Chief Whip of Council, Cllr Doctor Mtsali were also implicated in the report.

Nkosi resigned on 14 September and is currently deployed at the National Council of Provinces in a position that used to be filled by her sister before her sister passed away a few months ago.

The council was further instructed by the MEC to refer certain sections of the report to the HAWKS.

The DA proposed that the instructions of the MEC should be followed. Unfortunately, the ANC majority and the EFF overruled this proposal.

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The DA’s proposal was supported by the Freedom Front + and SAPROMO.

Cllr Dan Nhlapo is currently Acting Mayor for GMM even though there were other individuals earmarked for this position as well.

Mayor Thandi Nxgonono resigns
Cllr Dan Nhlapo

Tomorrow more questions will be able to be answered after the special council meeting.


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Mayor Thandi Nxgonono resigns

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