5 Amazing Facts you should know about Moissanite vs Diamonds

5 Amazing facts about Moissanite vs Diamonds that you need to know before making a purchase of any engagement rings.

Let’s Get Festive! 5 Festive Engagement Rings

Its almost December - Lets get the festive season going by showcasing some stunning designs from the Ralph Jacobs Fine Jewellery Collection

4 Ocean Lover Inspired Engagement Rings

Find out how the ocean can inspire the fine design of jewellery. We take a look at how designers draw inspiration in water and waves

7 Nail Polish Colours that Goes Well with Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Nail polish can have a major impact on how your Engagement ring appears. Read all about how to make your nail polish do all the talking for you.

Fashion Friday and those cool summer nights

Deciding what to wear on those cool summer nights can be a frustrating experience especially in the Highveld. And that’s why...

Your Engagement Ring based on your Zodiac Sign

We've said if before (in about every blog), and we'll say it again - your engagement ring is a huge investment, so it's...

What to drink when quitting or taking a break from drinking

Taking a break from drinking or doing a “Dry Month Challenge” can be a good thing for your mental and physical...

Threading? It’s no massive threat!

In this month’s lucky packet surprise video Ané and I tried threading, both for the first time, to experience this not-so-foreign-anymore...

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