Marquise-Shaped Moissanite

What is the trend with Marquise shaped Moissanites? The marquise moissanite cut is shaped like a football, also known as the boat-shaped cut, the...

Valentine’s Day: The Most Romantic Day to Pop The Question

The ultimate guide to popping the question this Valentines Day

Moissanite Engagement Rings: Everything You Need to Know

What you need to know about Moissanite Engagement Rings

The magnificent History of the Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is the start of your future with your loved one. An engagement ring is that special ring given to your loved...

The Best Diamond Alternatives in 2021


Engagement Rings Across Different Cultures

Japan The Mokume Gane ring is a common Japanese traditional ring, used for engagement and wedding by the bride and groom. Mokume Gane means “wood...

Gemstones: Things to Avoid & What to Buy

Gemstones : What you need to know, and what to avoid.

Best Moissanite Shape Engagement Rings and Why

There are quite a lot of choices and decisions to make before purchasing an engagement ring. Cut, clarity, size, an the list goes on....

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Hoërskool Oosterland top presteerders

Hoërskool Oosterland spog met verskeie onderskeidings in die afgelope matriek eksamen Janco Viljoen, 2020 matrikulant by Hoërskool Oosterland het 7...
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Puik uitslae vir Hoërskool Secunda

HOëRSKOOL SECUNDA SE MATRIKULANTE VAN 2020 PRESTEER PUIK Danksy toegewyde werk deur onderwysers en die matrieks van 2020, kon Hoërskool...

Hoërskool Secunda woeker met talente

HS Secunda se Seunshokkie presteer Tydens die Desembervakansie van 2020 het die volgende leerders van Hoërskool Secunda aan die “Indoor”...

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