E-learning at Curro Secunda during lockdown

Curro Secunda is focusing on e-learning and assisting our learners to make the most of the lockdown period and keep up to...

Lockdown Phase 2: What you need to know

Today marks the three-week mark of the lockdown. Another two weeks to go! A few rules have been amended...

DA to donate R1.5 million to the Solidarity Fund

This press release was written by Solly Malatsi MP - DA National Spokesperson. The Democratic Alliance’s Federal Executive has resolved...

Education and the lockdown

With the lockdown extended by another 2 weeks, parents and teachers alike are concerned about the education of the children.

UPDATE: President Ramaphosa will not be addressing the nation today at 16H00

This afternoon a message was circulating on WhatsApp that President Ramaphosa will be addressing the nation at 16:00. This was fake news.

GMM combats Coronavirus

The Govan Mbeki Municipality has outlined a list of containment and mitigation measures to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic during a meeting...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Sasol Secunda’s mitigation plans

Sasol released the following statement regarding the COVID-19 virus that is terrorising the country. Here is the whole statement...

National State of Disaster now a reality.

A National State of Disaster is now a reality. The minister announced the State of Disaster a few days ago and it was published...

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The Best Diamond Alternatives in 2021

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Alleged fraudsters arrested in court for counterfeit fuel cards

Two alleged fraudsters in court for counterfeit fuel cards

Two severely burned suspects succumb to their injuries


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COVID-19 screening in Bethal this chilly morning

This morning health workers are in Bethal in Sectors 3/5/6 conducting screening for COVID-19. The health workers are easily identifiable. You can identify them by their jackets, ID badges, gloves and masks.