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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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    Equine Therapy helps Rita fight back 1 day at a time

    Rita Meyer is a well-known name in town. She has helped many people through her Psychotherapy practice and is also a Fibromyalgia. But now she is fighting back 1 day at a time through Equine Therapy.

    Fibromyalgia is a long-term (chronic) condition. This condition can be hard to understand, even for healthcare providers. Its symptoms mimic those of other conditions and there are not any real tests to confirm the diagnosis. As a result, fibromyalgia is often misdiagnosed.

    Rita studied her Degree in Social Work at the University of Pretoria where after she finished her master’s degree in Clinical Health through UNISA.

    Rita fights back 1 day at a time through Equine Therapy
    Rita and one of the ponies at a therapy session

    Her first job was working in the prison service. Soon after that she worked at the Sterkfontein psychiatric hospital and at a clinic for alcohol and drug abuse. After all the experience she accumulated through those years she decided it was time to open her own practice in Benoni.

    After opening the practice in Benoni Rita and her husband decided to move to Secunda.

    Secunda was familiar territory for Rita as she grew up on a farm in Leslie.

    During the lockdown, a friend of Rita’s mentioned that her son was riding at the stables at Lake Umuzi. Her friend told her that Susan, the owner of the horses is looking for a therapist to work with people by using the horses as a therapeutic outlet.

    Rita fights back 1 day at a time through Equine Therapy
    Equine Therapy at Lake Umuzi

    Rita contacted Susan and they immediately got a long very well. They decided to start with equine therapy. Rita would be able to assist her patients and help them reach their goals through this.

    Rita studied Equine Therapy through online courses and she is still continuing with more courses to be better equipped to assist her patients.

    Equine Therapy, also known as Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT), is a treatment that includes equine activities and/or an equine environment in order to promote physical, occupational and emotional growth in persons suffering from many mental health and health problems.

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    “With the horses you do not have to speak. You can just be with a horse. They are incredibly smart animals and they feel what you feel,” said Rita.

    She continued: “With the Fibromyalgia this type pf therapy helps a lot. People can get out of the house and walk around. The horses help with the Fibromyalgia because the horse can feel your pain.”

    “It is therapy for my soul!” she said.

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    The Equine Therapy is open to anyone that would like to join Rita and the group. Contact Rita at 017 643 1557 or 082 630 0306.


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    Equine Therapy helps Rita fight back 1 day at a time