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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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    Girls attend empowerment workshop

    Girls empowerment workshop

    A workshop was held for girls in eMbalenhle on Sunday.

    About 15 girls attended the workshop that had the theme of “Girls in power!”

    the workshop girls
    The girls and presenters at the workshop

    The day was designed to educate, empower and inspire girls by raising awareness, developing communication skills and cultivating self-respect

    Girls between the ages of 12-18 were invited.

    “Our goal is to encourage them to look inward for inspiration and set positive goals and consider the steps to achieve the goals.” Said Khanyi Mthimunye, the inspiration behind the workshop.

    The Bulletin spoke to Khanyi Mthimunye about the workshop

    Khanyi is the co-owner of Employ Her, an employment company that seeks to help women find employment.

    “We would like to encourage our girls to think about what inspires them.” Continued Khanyi, “This workshop is also designed to empower our girls to find their own direction by determining individual beliefs. Values and direction.”

    The activities for the day included:

    Self-awareness and appreciation of strengths.

    Enhance self-awareness, strengths and skills of each individual.  

    Explore passions and talents.

    Empowering female role models:

    Encourage our girls to think about who inspires them. Also discuss which character strengths they admire in people and for what reason.

    Public speaking contest – What is peer pressure?

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    “Most importantly this day is dedicated to these young girls because most if not all come from disadvantaged households and some of these households are headed by these young girls, this then means that their childhood has somewhat been stolen from them.

    We want to remind them of what it is to be a child. Empower them to Educate them also allowing them to have fun.” Concluded Khanyi.


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    Girls attend empowerment workshop