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Monday, August 10, 2020
16.1 C

    New Wave of South African metal – Part 2

    Rhutz was formed in 1999: Steven Foukaridis on vocals, Chris van der Walt and Richard Mare on guitars, Cicero Carstens on bass guitar and Heine van der Walt on samples and theremin.

    They were game changers in the metal scene. Originally, they wrote a more of a rap-rock style, eventually evolving into the RhutZ we knew and loved. Their unique style of nu-metal flowed through peoples’ ears and was appreciated all over. Exploring mathematics, music and the human consciousness and dissecting it all to the roots and moulding into their sound.

    “An emotional rollercoaster of dynamic, self-searching, math-driven melody and chaos. Plug into the colour of television”

    The band opened for Brazilian metal legends Sepultura and Soulfly in 2003 and also played at numerous large festivals in SA. With their confidence up and their sound scorching, Rhutz was crowned best hardcore band of 2003 at SA’s premier venue: Burn Nightclub in Durban.

    After hard work Rhutz decided to seperate, but not forever… In early 2005 the band joined hands again.

    With a new line up they kicked off by playing at Witchfest in 2005. Shortly after they shared the stage with a hardcore band from New York: Most Precious Blood. In 2006 they played at Whitchfest again and melted the faces off of South Africans. They released an album in 2008: “The colour of television” (Wolmer records). The album gained them even more fans and popularity as time went on.

    Will the Nu metal monster, Rhutz, make a comeback or is the idea of Rhutz just too far gone? – Henco


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    New Wave of South African metal – Part 2