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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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    The myths and the legends of the metal community, history of the metal genre in SA

    Have we stumbled upon the greatest potential piece of history in South African metal?
    The myth and the legend, the man who practically kicked it all off, the founding member of Retribution Denied and Sacrifist: Paul Verster.
    A name unknown to most of those who joined the metal scene recently or those who haven’t yet jumped on the Crazy Train that is metal.
    While rock bands were popping up in South Africa at the time, there had to be something that stood out from it all. It was brutal, it was angry, it was Retribution Denied, formed in 1991, releasing a six song EP through Inhouse Records titled: “The Meek Shall inherit the earth…”
    In 1992, a split project called “The Black Cathedral… and other stories” followed by another split project the year thereafter: “Death of Africa…? “
    They had already made a name for themselves and blew minds all over South Africa, introducing a much more aggressive tone to ears everywhere. In 1995 they recorded and released another demo: “In the beginning there was…”. With their gore-filled lyrical content and blackened Death Metal sound, they burrowed into the hearts of many metal fans everywhere. Despite the crowds that frowned upon this new inaudible music genre, labelling any headbanging man or woman with long hair, piercings and a different outlook on life, they gutted their way through the negativity and kept on pushing for the freedom of it, the beauty of it and the fans that loved it. Finally, being able to see something like this in our country that sparked worldwide was phenomenal, a place to relax, head bang, let go: Metal gigs!
    Four years passed and they released a full length nine song album, including demo tracks through Emptiness Records in 1999. According to Metallum metal encyclopaedia: “An album was recorded (7 tracks) but due to line-up difficulties and uninterest in the band, the album wasn´t released. The band split up shortly after.” A sad day for metal music…

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    The myths and the legends of the metal community, history of the metal genre in SA