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Monday, September 21, 2020
16.1 C

    The Dead Metal genre explained

    The presumably dead genre rises with each passing moment. Metal has become a social and online topic amongst many. Those who would’ve never seemed to like metal music have gotten a liking in it.
    For the “entry-level” listener softer bands make a great appeal for having brutal growling, howling, screaming and angry vocals, to more ear soothing melodies and clean singing within the madness thus drawing an audience never seen before. The crowds rally and the upcoming generations are introduced to something even more subtle, closer to rock than metal. An easy way to explain it would be that AC/DC is rock, Pantera is metal, simple as that. Rather than the fun of life, catchy tunes and laying back, it’s more in your face, some might even call it overwhelming. Whatever music you listen to, whether it’s house music, hip hop or classical, I urge you to go to at least one metal show and meet the people and the musicians. Sit back, relax or stand in the frontlines of the stage and enjoy the music and vibe, you will not regret it and that’s for certain. Depending on the venue, you’ll have good company, good music and good food. Metalheads are the most giving and caring people, proof of this is within a mosh pit for instance; if you lose your footing in the madness, do not fear being trampled, before you touch the ground a fellow mosher will pull you to your feet in order to continue enjoying the madness. Though to the ordinary eye it might seem like senseless violence, but indeed it is love, not romantic, no, rather a love for the music and the madness. You cannot hate the rain and only love the sunshine; the injuries and scars are just a reminder that we are alive and kicking. – Henco


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    The Dead Metal genre explained