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Monday, September 21, 2020
16.1 C

    Car burns inexplicably on N17

    Vehicle maintenance and inspection is crucial to preventing vehicle fires. The following suggestion might prevent vehicle fires: Have your vehicles inspected at least annually by a trained, professional technician.
    Check for any malfunctioning parts and hanging electrical wirings. Do not leave them hanging. Include a check of the fuel system in your regular maintenance schedule. Electrical and fuel system or problems are the major causes of car fires.
    Watch for fluid leaks under vehicles, cracked or blistered hoses, or wiring that is loose, has exposed metal or has cracked insulation. Have vehicles inspected and repaired as soon as possible if exhaust or emission control problems are suspected. An early indication of a problem is a fuse that blows more than once. The source of the triggered fuse could be either a faulty component or a wiring problem. Check for oil leaks and always use a funnel when adding oil. Oil spilled on a hot exhaust manifold can cause a fire. If a filling station attendant adds oil, double check that the cap is on securely. This sounds obvious, but better to check than end up with oil all over your engine compartment at best, or an engine fire at worst. Clean the vehicle regularly – Do not allow your trash to settle in the vehicle. Avoid throwing cigarette butts anywhere.
    Observe your gauge frequently – Check if the temperature is rising.


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    Car burns inexplicably on N17