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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
16.1 C

    Fenriswulf – the journey begins now

    “Now we stand against all might
    No man nor beast will stand and fight
    Against a thousand beating hearts
    Tonight we slay all those who have opposed…”
    Taken from the song: Wulves of Odin – Fenriswulf
    Johan’s love for the metal genre started in primary school. His best friend, Wikus, could not have had a more opposite taste in music; rave music. Johan introduced him to his favourite and most influential band: Amon Amarth. It was love at first listen!
    Johan and Wikus started the band around the end of 2013 but before the band was started, the only instruments they played was Guitar Hero. One weekend the two spoke and decided enough is enough and something has to be done about their Guitar Hero skills. Their birthdays are a month apart and they asked their parents if they could have a guitar and a drumkit.
    “Wikus was always tapping out beats on tables. He was naturally inclined to drumming,” Johan explained.
    After going through many names for the band and realising most of them have already been taken, Johan came up with the name Fenriswulf. The name was inspired by his interest in Norse Mythology. He wanted a name that would make an impact. And it has!
    “Fenrir (“He Who Dwells in the Marshes”) is the most infamous of the many wolves in Norse mythology. His importance for the pre-Christian Scandinavians is demonstrated by his being depicted on numerous surviving runestones, not to mention his ubiquity in Old Norse literary sources.
    He’s the son of the god Loki and the giantess Angrboda, which makes him the brother of the serpent Jormungand and the underworld goddess Hel.” https://norse-mythology.org/gods-and-creatures/giants/fenrir/
    Renaldo, rhythm guitarist, joined the band first and was also the first member to be thrown out of the band. He was a hard rock musician and didn’t want to adapt to a new genre. A husband and wife joined the band after that but couldn’t commit. Johan messaged Renaldo and asked if he was still looking for a band. Renaldo was given another chance and auditioned with the song Guardians of Asgard by Amon Amarth. “After being kicked out of the band, I realised that I made a mistake by being so pig headed. I researched the different metal genres and fell in love with it. The chemistry the guitars have with each other is amazing and after returning to the band, Johan and I had that chemistry when playing together,” said Renaldo.
    Henco, the band’s vocalist, auditioned and was told thank you but no. A few months later Henco asked if he could have another audition. This time he nailed it. “I watched a cartoon – Metalocalypse and the glory of Dethklok inspired me to take a chance and audition for the band again,” explained Henco. This all happened in 2014 and 2015
    Arries, the bassist, fell into the band by accident. He went with his friend to the audition but his friend didn’t like playing bass. Arries asked if he can have a go at it and rocked the audition. Initially everyone thought he was obnoxious. With persistence, he grew on everybody. “We play brutal melodic death metal. It is a very aggressive, immediate genre of metal but the melodic element of the music is still extremely important,” said Arries as he laughed thinking back at his audition.
    Fenriswulf is one of the first and only Viking inspired metal bands in South Africa that have made a name for themselves. They played their first show in May 2018 at Rumours in Randburg. They pulled the crowd in with their melodic sound.
    The band was also nominated for three SAMMA (South African Metal Music Awards): Best New Comer, Best Metal EP and Best Extreme Metal Act. Unfortunately, they did not win anything on the evening but they are staying positive for next year.
    A year later they recorded their debut album: Breaking the Chains, with eleven original songs written and composed by the band. The lyrics are potent and speak to the soul.
    The band would like to thank their sponsors; Skye from Lost Art Tattoos and Charné from Scissor Hands Salon.
    The band has a busy 2020 ahead of them and they are extremely excited to release their debut album soon! – Ané Prinsloo

    Wikus Kleynhans, drummer.
    Photo by Carel Greyling @ Wynterfae Photography
    Photo by Carel Greyling @ Wynterfae Photography
    Photo by Carel Greyling @ Wynterfae Photography
    Photo by Carel Greyling @ Wynterfae Photography
    Photo by Carel Greyling @ Wynterfae Photography
    Photo by Carel Greyling @ Wynterfae Photography
    Photo by Carel Greyling @ Wynterfae Photography


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    Fenriswulf – the journey begins now