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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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    Family lives in sewerage for weeks

    “We feel very disappointed and neglected after two weeks of sewerage running all over our house and no help from Govan Mbeki Municipality even after we have reported to them daily.” Those were the words of the family in extension 14, eMbalenhle. A very disturbing scene as the sewerage is running from the restroom into the house and all over the yard. One can smell from a distance what the family has to live with for more than a week now. They have reported the problem to their ward councillor and the municipality but have been told that someone will come to check up on the situation. The Bulletin also called the municipality and were told that somebody was coming but until now no one has come. “It is hard to live in eMbalenhle because nothing is ever fixed even after a lot of money was set aside by the National Government, COGTA to deal with the sewerage issues in the township,” said one of the neighbours. “Children have been very sick of late. We suspect they have inhaled sewer and that is not good for anyone’s health. We wish to see the GMM Mayor and speak to her about our dissatisfaction we have in this area if it is not electricity power problem it is water if not that its sewer. Where is the mayor we need her she must come to people she must never neglect us like this,” said one of the old citizens.
    “When the ward councillor was contacted his PA said they will get back to us.” the neighbour continued. – Sandile Mkhwanazi


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    Family lives in sewerage for weeks