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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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    Eendracht Fed-up! Elects committee

    Residents of Eendracht, in Leandra, have been plagued with water shortages, poor service delivery and general neglect from GMM. The community called a meeting on Thursday that was well attended by the residents.
    The group gathered in the testing station with no chairs nor any other facilities provided by GMM to host the meeting. An overwhelming stench of human faeces filled the testing station as the residents stood at the entrance of the building. The inspection pit had water and what appeared to be faeces, filling the bottom walkway.
    Dilapidated equipment that is no longer in use adorned the sides of the building.
    It is clear that the residents have had enough. The poor service delivery that they receive is clearly upsetting to the residents, tempers were kept in control as residents sought answers.
    One of the burning points was the sewage tanks. GMM hires a contractor to empty the sewerage pits but issues instructions (according to the contractor) to only remove 200 L of sewage from each tank before returning to Newcastle!
    It was decided that a steering committee must be formed and pressure exerted on both the ward councillor, Cllr LM Mbonani and the Mayoral committee to address the problems of Eendracht. On 21 September 2017, Mbonani was tasked by the residents to “take up and immediately make work of our problems and demands which we have raised on numerous occasions and not received any positive feedback on.”
    A number of issues were raised in the letter (a copy is available on our Facebook page) and Mbonani promised to further their cause, according to the residents.
    DA Cllrs Mariaan Chamberlain, Banele Nkabinde and Encee van Huyssteen also attended the meeting. Mariaan told the group that she had never heard nor seen anything in Eendracht brought to council by Cllr LM Mbonani. This was confirmed by the other councillors.
    The steering committee being elected will now form an action plan and report back to the residents before commencing with the planned action.
    The meeting ended peacefully with a new resolve to have the problems of Eendracht addressed.

    Water and faeces in the inspection pit


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    Eendracht Fed-up! Elects committee