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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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    Stop gender-based violence

    AMINEXT ? This is the biggest question women across South Africa have been asking themselves judging from the senseless and brutal killings of women and children. The list of victims is endless.

    Women are being kidnapped, raped and killed according to the Minister of police’s recently released statistics.
    What is even more shocking is the increasing number of women that are being raped and killed.
    This is what made Miss Mpumalanga finalist, Lucia Mabunda, say enough is enough with women being victimised in our country and communities. That was the theme when the Lucia Mabunda Foundation hosted an event in eMbalenhle at the Family Worship church in extension 12 on Saturday morning, 14 September.
    eMbalenhle community members and Kiriyatswane school children attended the event and Rising star Television filmed the event. People were marching in the streets of eMbalenhle raising awareness. They came across a fight between a lady and her boyfriend. The argument was started by her boyfriend. He told his girlfriend that he wanted to marry another woman. That incident is clearly an indication that women are being abused not only physically, but also emotionally.
    “What is more important is also to educate our young boys about the importance of respecting women in our society, because we can call men all sorts of names but it won’t change until people go back to God and pray for this country. It is clear that this is not a matter of flesh and blood, but it is a spiritual thing. We need God more than anything,” said Lucia Mabunda.
    The foundation also raised funds. They are partners with the Mpumalanga Association of People with Disability, an organisation that helps people in the society who need wheelchairs. One of the speakers of the day, Mrs Conny Ntshane, a Mental Illness Activist, said: “It ends now but it will begin with one person being more vocal about such instances, because so many people do not stand up for their rights. They think it is normal to be abused by a man where it is not.”
    Women must join hands and be open about these things. It begins with you.

    • Sandile Mkhwanazi

    Stop gender-based violence