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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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    Man stabbed to death in Aghanistan, Kinross

    A young man was stabbed to death on Sunday morning in Afghanistan, Kinross. The assailants left in a white VW Polo and assaulted another person. He was taken to hospital. The community spotted the getaway car and vandalised the vehicle. Quick police work assured that the suspects were caught. 6 Suspects were arrested on charges of murder as well as attempted murder.
    Several other members of the community were also arrested on charges ranging from public violence to defeating the ends of justice.
    Bystanders claimed that two gangs were involved namely the Mamaland and Prokosia gangs, but this remained unconfirmed at the time of writing this article.
    The community demanded the release of the arrested community members and started to barricade some of the roads, but quick action by the police put an end to this. Gang violence is rampant in all the townships in Govan Mbeki Municipality. eMbalenhle has reported gang activities a while ago with people claiming that the gangs would target random people assaulting them and occasionally killing them.
    The recent riots in eMzinoni also started as a result of gang activity. The residents demanded that they deal with the gang members and accused the police of being lenient on gang members.
    The eMzinoni police station was attacked during those riots.

    Police Minister, General Bheki Cele, reaffirms government’s stance that there will be no army deployed to areas affected by violence in Gauteng

    Police Minister, General Bheki Cele, is confident police are capable of restoring law and order back into areas affected by violent looting and vandalism in Johannesburg central.
    Minister Cele on Tuesday afternoon, 3 September, met with Izinduna representing communities residing in hostels around the Johannesburg area.
    All stakeholders, including provincial structures of the Gauteng legislature and SAPS management, agreed to host an Imbizo with residents of the hostel and other stakeholders. The planned Imbizo with all affected parties will work towards finding a lasting solution and restoring calm in the area.
    According to police investigations many suspects arrested for criminal acts reside in the Johannesburg central hostels.
    General Cele has condemned the death of five people who have lost their lives since the start of the violence on Sunday.
    Responding to questions of whether the South African Police Service is equipped to curb the violence, General Cele said: “Anyone who thinks we as the SAPS don’t have intelligence on the ground, better think again. The Minister added “There are several instances that criminal acts were stopped before they started and officers were acting on information from crime intelligence.”
    Cele also made it clear the deployment of additional forces such as the South African National Defence Force is not on the cards.
    “I really don’t believe that it’s only foreign owned shops and are being targeted. It’s clear it’s pure criminal elements that are taking advantage of a volatile situation. As the South African Police Service our job is clear, we are on the ground to deal with lawlessness and all its manifestations.” – Cele concluded.
    Izinduna who met with Minister Cele have assured the Gauteng SAPS management that hostel dwellers have been urged to refrain from acts of violence leading up to the Imbizo planned for Sunday.

    Communities and outsiders should peacefully coexist and not attack one another,  MEC Shabalala said

    Mpumalanga MEC for Community Safety, Security and Liaison, Ms Gabisile Shabalala, has appealed to communities not to attack foreign nationals in the province.
    The MEC said communities should also not damage properties belonging to other people whether they are South Africans or not.
    She explained; “We must live together as brothers and sisters. Where we see any wrongdoing, we should report it to the police and refrain from taking the law into our own hands. Law enforcement and the criminal justice system will deal with crime suspects accordingly regardless of who is involved.”
    She also added that communities should not be misled by those with evil intentions to commit crime or harm other people.
    “We need peace and stability in order to attract investments which will grow the economy and also create jobs,” Shabalala said.
    She also warned those who may instigate violence saying that the police will not hesitate to reign in such individuals.
    She has also appealed to communities to raise their concerns amicably and within the ambit of the law at all times.
    The MEC urged communities to report any persons fuelling violence or committing crime to the police.
    She however, warned foreign nationals to always ensure that they are in the country legally. The MEC also explained that the law will be applied to everyone regardless of their nationality in instances where crimes are committed.

    Man stabbed to death in Aghanistan, Kinross