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Tuesday, July 14, 2020
16.1 C

    Walker Park Ladies’ “Back To School” Open

    Some ladies came dressed in school uniforms, ponytails with ribbons in their hair and golf sets at the ready.

    On a windy Saturday morning, 31 August, Walker Park Golf Club hosted their annual Ladies’ Open golf day. This year the Walker Park team was creative with their theme: Back to School.
    Upon arrival an array of treats was spread out in the clubhouse: cupcakes, toasted sandwiches tea and coffee. With a cupcake or a toasted sandwich in their hands and tea or coffee, the ladies greeted each other and conversations ensued for those who had not seen each other in a while. Some ladies came dressed in school uniforms, ponytails with ribbons in their hair and golf sets at the ready. About 44 ladies entered the Ladies’ Open and the ladies drove from near and far to play. The first ladies teed off at 09:00 and braved the windy conditions. Two of the most senior ladies who entered the Ladies’ Open won the day. They spoke to Ané Prinsloo and told her more about their win. Lucille Lyon and Anli Prinsloo teed off at 09:04 in a three ball. They both said that they always enjoyed a day well organised, especially if the format is IPS (Individual Points Stableford).
    Right from the word go, both Lucille and Anli did not hold back. They showed their experience on every hole, whether it was teeing off with their driver, using a 5 wood in the fairway or taking on the greens.
    Anli played off a 26 handicap and played 46 shots on the front nine and 48 shots on the back nine. There were challenges Anli had to face during the game, but these did not deter her and she ended the day with 40 points for second place. Lucille’s amazing golf skills were evident with every shot she played. She has the ability to concentrate even though conditions were tough and the previous shot was not to her liking. She took the positive outlook and would recover miraculously. She played 39 shots on the front nine and 39 again on the back nine with a handicap of 15 to end the day with 45 points and crowned as the new Walker Park Ladies’ Open champion!
    After a long and windy day on the course, the prizegiving started with a colouring competition and the best contender won a prize. Next came the best dressed “schoolgirl” and also a prize for the lady that looked the naughtiest!
    The day was a huge success and much fun was had. Everyone agreed that the greens were in excellent condition. The course is very dry but with summer around the corner that will change very soon. – Ané Prinsloo


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    Walker Park Ladies’ “Back To School” Open