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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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    ANC defied DA service delivery motions

    The intention of the DA’s motions and proposals considered on the 29th were to implement sound governance that would focus on delivering services to the people which the council serves.

    The council meeting that took place on 29 August dealt with a large number of issues that are going to affect the residents of Govan Mbeki.
    First and foremost, a motion that was tabled by DA Cllr Mariaan Chamberlain which focused on the maintenance and refurbishment of water infrastructure in Govan Mbeki was accepted for a referral to the mayoral committee. This motion aims to address from various aspects water scarcity due to a lack of maintenance on dilapidating infrastructure, which residents of Bethal, eMzinoni, eMbalenhle, Kinross, Evander and Leandra areas have experienced increases in the past year. Following the consideration of the mayoral committee, the DA considers the possible implementation of this motion of utmost importance towards the functioning of water infrastructure and the access that residents have to water.
    However, unfortunately, two other motions that were submitted in 2018 by the DA were unsatisfactorily responded to by the mayoral committee.
    A motion that was submitted by former DA Cllr Marietjie Fourie which was aimed at improving removal of waste and crediting businesses for non-removal of refuse was considered, to our disappointment, by the ANC-led mayoral committee as irrelevant and impossible to implement.
    In addition, a motion that was submitted by DA Caucus Leader Cllr Ciska Jordaan which aimed to expedite the handover of the municipality’s electricity license to ESKOM and keep the community updated with regard to its progress through imperative public participation was given an outdated response; detailing that it was impossible to implement since the electricity regulator must be given 12 months’ notice following the council resolution indicating the decision to relinquish the municipality’s electricity distribution license. By the time the council had considered the recommendations of the ANC Executive Mayor, Thandi Ngxonono, the 12-month period mentioned had already lapsed.
    Furthermore, the council had considered several financial and performance reports, emphasising the non-performance of the Govan Mbeki Municipality and its ever-growing debts towards ESKOM and Rand Water. The municipality’s consistent inability to pay its monthly accounts are further incapacitating its ability to serve its purpose: delivering services.
    The intention of the DA’s motions and proposals considered on the 29th were to implement sound governance that would focus on delivering services to the people which the council serves. The consistency with which the ANC denies the implementation of these motions and proposals and uses their majority to vote against practical and cost-effective measures to deliver quality services only proves once again their inability and inconsideration towards serving the residents of Govan Mbeki.
    Aligned to our responsibility towards the residents of Govan Mbeki, the DA is also the only political party that has submitted any motions in 2019 that is in the best interest of the people and will continue to monitor the responses to these motions vehemently. Mismanagement of funds and the inability to implement all-encompassing measures to address the deterioration of this institution is the status quo. Only a change in the Govan Mbeki Municipality’s political ruling would allow a change in the way it is currently being governed. A Change that would deliver speedy services and build One South Africa for All. – Cllr Ciska Jordaan (DA Caucus Leader Govan Mbeki)


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    ANC defied DA service delivery motions