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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
16.1 C

    Social Blackball at Panda’s

    Part 2 of 8
    Blackball Socials
    A competing but very similar set of rules has been promulgated by the larger World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), under the game name “blackball” to better distinguish it from the American-style game (for which the WPA also promulgates the world-standardised rules). It was intended that “blackball” would unify the various existing British-style rulesets (presumably also including the WEPF rules) although this has not yet happened. The governing body for WPA blackball in Europe, with numerous national and local affiliate groups, is the European Blackball Association (EBA).
    At Panda’s we play in a Handicap format. All players will receive a ball handicap based on skill level1 – 4 (your team should not exceed a team level of 8). Example if a level 1 plays a level 4. The level 1 player will be able to remove 3 colour balls after the ball colour has been selected. This would give the level 1 player a 3-ball advantage. All levels will be determined by Cue Sport specialist, Hendry Erasmus.
    Socials in South Africa has grown in the past 4 years and seen up to 30 teams from all over South Africa competing in the most prestigious social event on the calendar. The past 2 years we have seen players from Panda’s Cue sport competing with the best.
    2017 Abdul Gani (Panda’s) was crowned SA Social Single Champion.
    2018 Jackson Mashetsi (Panda’s) was crowned SA Social Single Champion.
    With Panda’s Cue Sport rated currently the best social club in SA, we can assure you that you would play with the best socials in SA.
    The NEXT Social SA Championships (NBF) will take place in Bloemfontein in Feb 2020.
    YOU could be part of history by joining Panda’s Cue Sport. Maybe you could be the next SA champion or see yourself in TEXAS, USA in 2020 at the CSI World Social Championships.
    The next and final league for qualification starts 3 September.
    Don’t miss out! – Hendry Erasmus

    Social Blackball at Panda’s